Note On WWE Possibly Holding Backlash In Puerto Rico Annually

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The WWE Backlash 2023 pay-per-view event in San Juan, Puerto Rico was a smashing success, breaking multiple company records.

Following the event’s success, a plethora of fans began rallying for Backlash to happen in Puerto Rico annually.


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE was paid a $1.5 million subsidy by the tourism board. This caused WWE to hype up the beaches and promote tourism for San Juan, as the company has done when paid by tourism boards in the past.

It is to be noted that tourism boards usually want companies to organize different events each year instead of the same one.

While WWE can return to Puerto Rico whenever it wants, the tourism board may not provide any subsidy. Hence, the financial decision would lie with WWE.

However, this doesn’t mean WWE won’t return to Puerto Rico in the near future. WWE hasn’t received any grant for Money in the Bank on July 1 at the O2 in London. However, Clash at the Castle in Wales did get a subsidy from the government.

Hence, it’s at the discretion of WWE whether or not it wants to return to Puerto Rico even if the government is not offering a subsidy.

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