Noam Dar On A Potential Match With Goldberg, Wrestling Without Fans And More

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Noam Dar On A Potential Match With Goldberg, Wrestling Without Fans And More

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Noam Dar recently spoke with Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda and discussed several topics, ranging from a potential match with Goldberg to his thoughts on wrestling without crowds. Here are some highlights:

On when he sees himself getting back in the ring and wrestling in front of no fans:

Dar: ‘It’s hard to set a time of when we’ll actually be competing back in the ring. Hopefully, hoping in the next six weeks maybe, that would be an ideal situation. I’m ready to go tomorrow. Like I said, this whole period of lockdown for me has been just staying focused and being introspective, staying sharp, staying fit, staying healthy. So I’m ready to go. Not wrestling in front of a crowd definitely changes it, obviously the crowd adds so much to it, and they are completely essential. The crowd are an essential service to a wrestling show. However, it means that you have to be more on the ball. You’re not going to be able to get as much of an adrenaline dump. Audiences have emotional influences on people in the ring, sometimes that can take you off your game, sometimes it can help you. A lot of people use the crowd to their benefit. I like the idea of doing a couple of shows with no audience and just really see who really wants it.”

On skull sessions and acting seminars for NXT UK:

Dar: “Yeah, we’ve had a lot of good exercises and programs that we’ve been doing. WWE have also put us through a Professional Development Series, which is a weekly Zoom meeting, once a week, to do with a lot of outside stuff, not specifically to wrestling, which is so beneficial. WWE have…certainly in the time I’ve been with WWE, coming up to five years, they’ve always been so, well, so committed to developing the talent personally as well as professionally at any given opportunity, and now that’s been offered during lockdown. It’s certainly helped give a lot of structure to days, and there’s been a lot of things we’ve been able to take from it that I know people are going to implement going forward.”

On a potential match with Goldberg, who is known for his Jewish heritage:

Dar: “There’s been a bunch of comments and tweets and such, joking about the idea of me vs. Goldberg in Israel, and I’m completely down for that. I believe that I would have the home field advantage there, having been born in Israel, and I think Bill Goldberg would have a run for his money.”

On whether Vince McMahon likes the way he speaks:

Dar: “As far as I’m aware, that was very true. I had a lot of friends that would be in the production meetings and stuff, and apparently he’d done an impression of it, so I haven’t heard his impression of me. I think, chances are, he may be scared to do an impression of me in front of me in case I beat him up. Because everyone knows I’m a bit of a ticket backstage.”

The full interview is available here:

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