No Way Jose Wants To Showcase His Skills And ‘Knock It Out Of The Park’ In IMPACT Wrestling

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No Way Jose Wants To Showcase His Skills And ‘Knock It Out Of The Park’ In IMPACT Wrestling

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No Way Jose wants to capitalize on his fresh start with IMPACT Wrestling and show the world what he can do.

During a recent appearance on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Jose explained how he hopes to show new sides of himself, as a performer and as a wrestler, in this new chapter of his career. During his WWE run, Jose was confined to a comedy role, but following his IMPACT Wrestling debut at Slammiversary, he’s looking forward to doing things differently. For example, he noted that he feels more comfortable playing a heel, and while he wasn’t able to do so in WWE; he’d like to tap into a more villainous character moving forward.

“I honestly think it’s more natural,” said Jose. “And I know I’ve been doing this face character for like five years or whatever, but even the short amount of time I did it on the indies, it was a heel character and there was something at the [IMPACT] tapings this past week that like I just had to sort of switch it up…and it fired me the hell up. I was like hell yeah, like that’s what I’m talking [about.]

“For me, I feel like I just thrive off of that. I like the cheers and everything like that too, but like you said, [I wan to] express myself, and I think being a heel character might do it because with the creative freedom and everything, I’ve been sort of told what to do, and I’m still like unsure of what to do and how much, even at IMPACT…and it’s like I don’t know exactly what to do or what they want or any of that, it’s just the character was sort of just always forced on me [in WWE.]”

Jose noted that, for the most part, he was out of the game for a year following his WWE release in 2020, so he’s trying to “get back into the swing of things.” He then described how he never truly had the opportunity to work as a featured competitor in WWE, due to the comedic nature of his character. As a result, he’s aiming to reward IMPACT Wrestling’s faith in him by doing his best to “knock it out of the park.”

“I haven’t had an opportunity to do a bunch when it comes to championships, when it comes to championship-caliber matches, when it comes to even singles opponents, like working programs, like I’ve never really had that opportunity to do that [and] show what I can do,” said Jose. “So going forward, the championships, hell yeah, let’s f——— go.

“I’m just trying to showcase what I can do and I feel like now, even though I’ve only been there a handful of times, I do feel like [IMPACT Wrestling] even have more faith in me than what was previously given to me, so it’s like, that’s what I appreciate. And I’m just gonna try to knock it out of the park because I want it all, baby. I want it all.”

The full video is available here:

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