NJPW Unveils Structure for the 34th G1 Climax Tournament

NJPW Unveils Structure for the 34th G1 Climax Tournament
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Alterations are on the horizon for the style of NJPW’s G1 Climax 34. Here’s what you need to know:

G1 Climax 34’s specifics have been unveiled!

2024 brings significant transformations

A unique video showcase during Dominion has shed light on the initial specifics pertaining to G1 Climax 34, injecting some elements of time-honored techniques and integrating new aspects to give 2024 a unique vibe.

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Moving away from the four-block formats of the past two years, G1 Climax 34 reshapes into a setup with two blocks and twenty contestants in total. Initiating on July 20 and 21 with the Inaugural Weekend, each evening will host ten league match-ups.

We will see 18 contestants unfold in their blocks at the upcoming New Japan Soul event on June 16. However, two additional participants will be decided through qualifier tournaments. These qualifiers will happen during New Japan Soul tour, culminating with the final rounds at Tokyo Budokan on July 5.

Once G1 begins in earnest, league matches, which were restricted to 20 minutes in G1 33, will be extended to a challenging 30 minutes this year. As always, the scoring will be two points for a win and one point for a draw, up until the final nights of the league.

However, this year will see a slight alteration – the top three scorers will progress forward. The ones in the second and third spots will have a showdown in Makuhari on August 15, with the highest-scoring participant gaining a pass to Ryogoku on August 17. The semi-final bouts at this stage will determine a winner from each block to participate in the grand finale on August 18.

Prepare yourself for a sizzling summer – ensure you don’t miss out on G1 Climax 34!