Nikki Cross Compares The Scottish Champions Of WWE To A Pop Band

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Nikki Cross Compares The Scottish Champions Of WWE To A Pop Band

Whether by the high road or by the low road, WWE now has many champions that hail from Scotland.

Speaking on a virtual roundtable, Nikki Cross, one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, compared their success to that of a pop band.

“When you saw the graphic of the five of us being champions, I was like, ‘We’re a boy band or a girl band or even like Steps!’,” she said. ”For me, it was like, ‘Yes, we’re a pop band!’”

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Drew McIntyre felt as though he earned a one-in-a-million opportunity. He would say that he didn’t even realize the number of Scottish champions in the company before the graphic was posted on WWE digital.

“Out of five million people to have five champions, one in a million, that was a pretty cool fact to find out the day after WrestleMania,” he said. “It wasn’t until the next day, until someone had created a graphic with all the Scottish Champions, that I literally couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that I was a WWE Champion for one. When I think back, there were no Scottish champions, there was nobody in Scotland in WWE, that just wasn’t a thing.”

You can watch the full roundtable above.

(h/t: Digital Spy for the transcription)