Nikki Bella is all set to appear in the upcoming season of “The Traitors” on Peacock.

Nikki Bella is all set to appear in the upcoming season of “The Traitors” on Peacock.
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Nikki Bella, best known by her birth name Nikki Garcia, has recently become the latest celebrity to integrate the cast of Peacock’s up-and-coming reality competition series.

Named “The Traitors,” this series is currently under production in the picturesque landscapes of Scotland. The series is graced with the presence of Alan Cumming as the host, who unveiled a roster of prominent personalities to star in the show.

The launch date for the series still remains undecided. The summary for the show has been shared below:

“Unveiling a star-studded list of twenty most crafty American contestants comprising of a balanced mix of household names and ordinary citizens. This group now engages in the most thrilling murder mystery challenge under the wing of the accomplished actor, Alan Cumming. Set in the backdrop of a historical Scottish castle, participants will compete in heart-racing tasks to amass a prize fund that could total up to 0,000. Amongst the loyal contestants lurk the Traitors, who aim to singlehandedly claim the prize money by eliminating the loyal ones. As darkness overshadows the castle, the Traitors will cold-bloodedly murder the loyal contestants one after the other. The objective of the game is for participants to identify the Traitors and expel them from the game. If all Traitors are successfully expelled, the loyal contestants may share the prize money. However, should a Traitor sneak until the end, they will walk away with all the accumulated money.”

In a tweet from Peacock on June 5, 2024, they teased the upcoming season of the show: “Go for the gold and trust no traitor 😈#TheTraitorsUS Season 3 coming soon to Peacock.”