Nikki A.S.H. Has Been Studying ‘Black Widow’ Ahead Of WWE Money In The Bank, Wants To Feud With Alexa Bliss

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Nikki A.S.H. Has Been Studying ‘Black Widow’ Ahead Of WWE Money In The Bank, Wants To Feud With Alexa Bliss

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Nikki A.S.H. hopes to soar to new heights by becoming Ms. Money in the Bank

The WWE Monday Night RAW star recently spoke with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Rick Ucchino ahead of the Money In The Bank pay-per-view, and she explained how she plans to take the briefcase this time around, whereas she came up short at the pay-per-view in 2019. She also joked that she has been studying “Black Widow” to prepare for the ladder match on Sunday night.

“I remember having my hands in the briefcase [in 2019], like I remember scurrying up the ladder and actually having my hands on the briefcase,” said A.S.H. “So I just need to do the next step and actually unhook the briefcase for Sunday to be declared the winner and be declared Ms. Money in the Bank with the contract.

“Maybe this time I’m going to rely more on flying skills. I’ve been studying ‘Black Widow’ extensively, so maybe ‘Black Widow’ can give me some inspiration on how to get up that ladder.”

Given A.S.H.’s status as WWE’s resident caped crusader, it’s only natural to connect her with any number of other stars on the roster. In her own words, she noted that every hero needs a villain, and when asked, she named Alexa Bliss as a fitting rival. A.S.H. noted how she and Bliss have won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice together, so there’s plenty of history they could draw from for this potential feud.

“I think the history with me and Alexa and being former two-time Women’s Tag Team Champions, there’s so much richness there and there is so much story there,” said A.S.H. “There’s so much past, so for me, I would love to do something. I think the fans would love to see it too. And for me, as Almost a Superhero, I need to be ready to take on any challenges.

“The Nikki-mobile, it’s gassed up, we’ve put gas in the Nikki-mobile, so the Nikki-mobile is ready for takeoff. For me, as Almost a Superhero, there’s a lot of villains, there’s a lot of evildoers in WWE, and I’m ready for and I’m excited for all challengers. I absolutely think there’s meat on that story, I think there’s meat on so many different stories we can tell.”

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