Nick Wayne Shares AEW Contract Details

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Nick Wayne, 17, signed with AEW in 2015 when he was simply 16 and is waiting up until he’s 18 to begin wrestling for the promo.

While speaking on his “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, he detailed his agreement and kept in mind that he ‘d be working for AEW beginning this July.

“As of today, I can’t do any in-ring deal with AEW up until I turn 18, which will be this July,” Wayne stated. “From last February till July, it’s simply a discovering experience, attempting to find out television wrestling and how AEW does things around here.”

Wayne was offered an AEW agreement deal when Allin Darby appeared after Wayne’s match with Christopher Daniels at DEFY Wrestling in February 2020.

“I had no hint [Allin] was here or in the area or anything,” Wayne stated (H/T to Wrestling Inc). “And he did something with Daniels, then he got on the microphone, he was talking for a bit, and after that he pulled a paper out of his pocket and it was the AEW agreement. I stated ‘‘ yes’ in front of the fans and it exploded online. I was trending like No. 7 on the planet on Twitter for this agreement.”

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