Nick Khan: WWE PPV Viewership Numbers Have Increased Since Move To Peacock

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Nick Khan: WWE PPV Viewership Numbers Have Increased Since Move To Peacock

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WWE reported its second-quarter financial results on July 29, and among other takeaways, the company generated $265.6 million revenue. There are various factors for this result, but the company’s partnership with Peacock is one of the most prominent elements of this profit.

On a conference call about the report, Nick Khan, President & Chief Revenue Officer of WWE, explained how the company has benefitted from its move to Peacock. He stated that the viewership for WWE pay-per-view events has increased substantially following the shift from WWE Network to the NBCUniversal platform.

“Four months into the Peacock partnership, we’re seeing the benefits of a streaming partnership with a platform that has broad distribution and continues to grow,” said Khan. “Since moving to Peacock, viewership of our pay-per-view events has increased with Backlash up 26%, Hell in a Cell up 25% and Money in the Bank up 46% from their prior-year performance on what was the standalone WWE Network.”

Khan also compared these numbers to WWE Network’s pre-pandemic viewership and noted that the Peacock figures are also “up considerably” in this regard.

“These viewership numbers are also up considerably from our pre-pandemic WWE Network numbers,” said Khan. “We expect viewership of WWE to increase, particularly as Peacock grows its base of users.”

On July 29, Comcast chairman-CEO Brian Roberts shared the news that Peacock has surpassed 50 million signups, and it is preparing to begin its international rollout this year.

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