Nick Khan Expresses Concern over ‘Horrific’ Allegations Against Vince McMahon

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Nick Khan made an appearance on Wednesday’s edition of the “Town with Matthew Belloni” podcast to comment on the sexual assault and trafficking allegations against Vince McMahon.

The allegations from Janel Grant led to McMahon’s WWE and TKO departure in January.

The WWE President, who is very close to the former WWE Chairman, called the allegations “horrific.”

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if the allegations could have killed WWE’s deal with Netflix for RAW’s TV rights: “I don’t know about killed, but it certainly wouldn’t have helped the deal. Those allegations are obviously horrific and serious and we take them and interpret them the same way any other reasonable person or organization would interpret them. You saw the quick resignation.”

On if there was any pressure from Netflix for McMahon to resign: “No.”

On whether McMahon has any involvement with WWE anymore: “No. Zero. He chose to resign. There was no litigation.”

In a recent appearance on the “Town with Matthew Belloni” podcast, Nick Khan addressed the sexual assault and trafficking allegations against Vince McMahon, the former WWE Chairman. These allegations, made by Janel Grant, ultimately led to McMahon’s departure from WWE and TKO in January.

Khan, the current WWE President and a close associate of McMahon, expressed his views on the allegations, describing them as “horrific.” He emphasized that both he and the company take these allegations seriously and view them in the same way any reasonable person or organization would.

One question that arose during the podcast was whether these allegations could have jeopardized WWE’s deal with Netflix for RAW’s TV rights. Khan responded by stating that while he couldn’t say if it would have completely killed the deal, it certainly wouldn’t have helped. The seriousness of the allegations could have had a negative impact on WWE’s partnership with Netflix.

However, Khan clarified that there was no pressure from Netflix for McMahon to resign. The decision for McMahon to step down was entirely his own. There was no external force or litigation involved in this process.

Another point of discussion was whether McMahon still had any involvement with WWE. Khan unequivocally stated that McMahon has zero involvement with the company anymore. He made the decision to resign, and there is no ongoing connection between him and WWE.

These statements from Nick Khan shed some light on the aftermath of the sexual assault and trafficking allegations against Vince McMahon. It is clear that both Khan and WWE took these allegations seriously, leading to McMahon’s resignation. The impact on WWE’s deal with Netflix remains uncertain, but it is evident that the company is committed to addressing such serious allegations in a responsible manner.