Nick Khan and Mark Shapiro discuss how the Netflix deal will transform WWE into a globally tailored product.

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WWE Monday Night RAW will be airing on Netflix starting in January 2025. This will be the first time RAW will not air new episodes on a traditional television network.

During the TKO Q4 earnings call, WWE President Nick Khan and TKO CEO Mark Shapiro discussed how WWE’s deal with Netflix helps them create a more “global localized product.”

You can check out some highlights from the earnings call below:

Khan on the Netflix deal helping their global goals: “For us, a global localized product has always been a priority. We think Netflix helps us with that. If you look at the premium live event schedule for this calendar year; Perth, Australia this past weekend. Berlin, France, Riyadh, Canada, all over the world. Look for, down the road, more local stars from those markets as we expand our tryouts to international markets so we feel confident over time that will be covered and be part of the Netflix deal.”

Shapiro on the deal allowing them to create content elsewhere: “Our Netflix deal doesn’t preclude us from creating new content and events and programming on a global basis. We just have some first look rights that they would have a window to essentially evaluate. NXT, across the board, we have an opportunity to create all new material, sell it for an incremental rights fee, but they are going to be first in line to pay that rights fee.”

In a groundbreaking move, WWE Monday Night RAW will be making its way to Netflix in January 2025. This marks the first time that the popular wrestling show will not be airing new episodes on a traditional television network. The announcement was made during the TKO Q4 earnings call by WWE President Nick Khan and TKO CEO Mark Shapiro, who discussed how this deal with Netflix will help create a more “global localized product.”

Khan emphasized the importance of a global localized product for WWE, stating that it has always been a priority for them. He believes that partnering with Netflix will assist in achieving this goal. Khan pointed out that WWE has already been expanding its live event schedule to various locations around the world, including Perth, Australia; Berlin, France; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and Canada. He also mentioned their plans to expand tryouts to international markets, which will eventually lead to the inclusion of more local stars from those regions. With the Netflix deal, WWE feels confident that their global reach will be covered and incorporated into the content available on the streaming platform.

Shapiro also weighed in on the deal, highlighting how it allows WWE to create content and events on a global scale. He clarified that the agreement with Netflix does not restrict them from producing new material elsewhere. Instead, Netflix has been given first look rights, meaning they have the opportunity to evaluate and potentially acquire any new content or events created by WWE. Shapiro specifically mentioned NXT, WWE’s developmental brand, as an example of where they can create fresh material and sell it for an additional rights fee. However, Netflix will have priority in securing these rights.

This move to Netflix signifies a significant shift in the way WWE delivers its content to fans. By partnering with one of the largest streaming platforms globally, WWE aims to reach a wider audience and cater to the preferences of modern viewers who consume content through digital platforms. The deal also aligns with Netflix’s strategy of expanding its sports-related content, as they have previously ventured into producing documentaries and series centered around various sports.

For WWE fans, this means that they will soon be able to enjoy their favorite wrestling show on Netflix, alongside the platform’s extensive library of movies, TV shows, and other original programming. The move also opens up possibilities for new collaborations and crossovers between WWE and other Netflix properties, providing fans with even more exciting and diverse content.

As January 2025 approaches, wrestling enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of WWE Monday Night RAW on Netflix. This groundbreaking partnership between WWE and the streaming giant promises to revolutionize the way wrestling is consumed and enjoyed by fans worldwide.