Nick Gage On Chris Jericho: I’d Rather Die In That Ring Than To Lose To That Motherf–ker

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Nick Gage On Chris Jericho: I’d Rather Die In That Ring Than To Lose To That Motherf–ker

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

This Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, “The Pain Maker,” Chris Jericho will step into the ring with Nick Gage in a no disqualification match and it’s one that Gage is very much looking forward to.

Nick Gage addressed his upcoming match yesterday on social media, stating that he’d rather die in the ring than lose to Chris Jericho.

“You’re asking me about The Pain Maker?” Nick Gage asked. “Well, guess what, I don’t give a f-ck what his name is, it could be Chris Jericho, it could be Pain Maker, pacemaker, or whatever. I’m going to go in that ring, and I’m gonna leave that ring with my weapon in my motherf–king hand with blood dripping off it because I’d rather die in that ring than to lose to that motherf–ker. And I’m gonna represent for all my deathmatch warriors out there because I’m going to carve him up from head to toe. So when that Pain Maker looks in the mirror every day when he wakes up, he’s gonna know that the God of this sh-t did that to him. You know what it is? It’s MDK all mother f–king day!”

This has all the makings of a crazy match, the likes of which All Elite Wrestling has never seen before. Make sure you tune into AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen Wednesday, August 4 at 8 PM EST on TNT.

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Someone has a message to Jericho and @iamjohnpollock and @wai0937 #AEWDynamite

— Brandon Frm NJ (@BrandonfrmNJ) July 22, 2021

Nick Gage recently explained why he’s taking the match with Chris Jericho in the first place, noting that he’s also a businessman at the end of the day.

Before he gets to face Jericho, Gage will square off with Matt Cardona for the GCW Championship in Atlantic City on Saturday, July 24. Gage said Cardona has no clue what he’s getting himself into and he will carve “Zack Ryder” up; you can see his full statement on the match at this link.

Are you looking forward to the match between Nick Gage and Chris Jericho? Do you think Jericho understands what he’s getting himself into? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.