Newly Released Ticket Sales Information for Upcoming AEW Events

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has shared the updated ticket sale figures for several upcoming AEW events, including Revolution 2024 which currently has 15,651 tickets out. The pay-per-view event was sold out, but AEW opened up more seats so there are now 556 left.

AEW Collision in Henderson, NV tomorrow night has 1,641 tickets out.

AEW Dynamite in Cedar Park, TX on February 14 has 2,321 tickets out.

AEW Dynamite in Tulsa, OK on February 21 has 1,995 tickets out.

AEW Collision in Springfield, MO on February 24 has 1,939 tickets out.

AEW Dynamite & Collision in Huntsville, AL on February 28 has 1,599 tickets out.

AEW Dynamite in Duluth, GA on March 6 has 1,270 tickets out.

AEW Collision in Ottawa, Canada on March 16 has 2,165 tickets out.

AEW Dynamite in Toronto, Canada on March 20 has 3,136 tickets out.

AEW Dynamite in Quebec City, Canada on March 27 has 2,145 tickets out.

AEW Collision in London, ONT on March 30 has 3,181 tickets out.

AEW All In 2024 on August 25 at Wembley Stadium in London, England has 38,985 tickets out.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has recently released updated ticket sale figures for several upcoming All Elite Wrestling (AEW) events, providing fans with an insight into the popularity and demand for these shows. With AEW gaining significant traction in the professional wrestling industry, these numbers shed light on the company’s success and growing fanbase.

One of the most notable events mentioned is Revolution 2024, AEW’s upcoming pay-per-view event. Initially sold out, AEW decided to open up more seats due to high demand. Currently, there are 15,651 tickets sold, with only 556 seats remaining. This indicates a tremendous response from fans, as they eagerly anticipate this highly anticipated event.

Another event mentioned is AEW Collision in Henderson, NV, scheduled for tomorrow night. With 1,641 tickets already sold, it is evident that AEW has managed to capture the attention of wrestling enthusiasts in this region. This event promises to deliver an exciting night of action and entertainment.

AEW Dynamite, the company’s flagship weekly television show, will be visiting various cities in the coming weeks. Cedar Park, TX, will host the show on February 14, with 2,321 tickets already sold. This demonstrates the enthusiasm of fans in this area to witness AEW’s top talent in action. Similarly, Tulsa, OK, has 1,995 tickets sold for the Dynamite show on February 21, indicating a strong following for AEW in this region.

AEW Collision in Springfield, MO, on February 24 has also garnered significant interest, with 1,939 tickets sold. This showcases the company’s ability to attract fans from different parts of the country. Additionally, Huntsville, AL, will witness both Dynamite and Collision on February 28, with 1,599 tickets already sold. This unique double-header event is expected to draw a large crowd and provide an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Moving into March, AEW Dynamite will visit Duluth, GA, on March 6, with 1,270 tickets sold. This event promises to bring the excitement and energy that AEW is known for to the fans in this area. Furthermore, AEW Collision in Ottawa, Canada, on March 16 has already sold 2,165 tickets, highlighting the company’s international appeal.

AEW Dynamite in Toronto, Canada, on March 20 has generated significant interest, with 3,136 tickets sold. This demonstrates the strong fanbase AEW has established in Canada and the anticipation surrounding this particular event. Similarly, Quebec City, Canada, will host Dynamite on March 27, with 2,145 tickets already sold.

AEW Collision in London, ONT, on March 30 has seen tremendous success in ticket sales, with 3,181 tickets sold. This indicates the popularity of AEW in Canada and the excitement surrounding this event. Finally, AEW All In 2024, scheduled for August 25 at Wembley Stadium in London, England, has already sold an impressive 38,985 tickets. This massive turnout showcases the global appeal of AEW and the anticipation for this grand event.

Overall, the updated ticket sale figures for these upcoming AEW events demonstrate the company’s growing popularity and fanbase. With sold-out shows and high demand for tickets, it is evident that AEW has successfully carved out a niche in the professional wrestling industry. Fans can look forward to experiencing thrilling matches and unforgettable moments at these events as AEW continues to make its mark in the world of wrestling.