New RAW Women’s Champion Crowned At SummerSlam

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New RAW Women’s Champion Crowned At SummerSlam

charlotte flair

Photo Credit: WWE

Charlotte Flair vowed to go into SummerSlam and take down both Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley, and she did just that, walking out with the belt that she lost to Nikki once again around her waist.

It's the size of the FIGHT in the hero.#SummerSlam #NikkiASH @NikkiCrossWWE

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) August 22, 2021

In a Triple Threat match between three the three championship-caliber superstars, it was Flair who would come out on top early and often. After trading strikes with Ripley, Flair was able to survive a huge duplex from her before tossing her out of the ring. With Nikki now getting in some action, she hit Flair with a big tornado DDT before things got sent outside of the ring following a massive duplex that Ripley performed on both Flair and A.S.H.

After hitting a big crossbody on both Ripley and Flair, Nikki got things going for her back inside of the ring. She and Flair continued to brawl before Ripley tried to get involved, at which point Flair send Rhea over the ropes and onto the floor before hitting a moonsault on her to stun the superstar. Back inside the ring, Nikki and Flair continued to go at it, but Ripley tried once again to stop things before she was hit with a DDT and rolled out of the ring.

🗣 WOOOOOO!!!#TheQueen is made for these moments! #SummerSlam #WomensTitle @MsCharlotteWWE @RheaRipley_WWE @NikkiCrossWWE

— WWE (@WWE) August 22, 2021

With just Nikki and Flair inside the ring, Flair managed to lock Nikki into the Figure Eight, leaving Nikki crawling to the ropes. Although she came close, Nikki simply couldn’t get out of the submission, and was forced to tap out, handing the win and WWE RAW Women’s Championship to Charlotte Flair.

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