New Action Figures For The Lucha Bros, Taya Valkyrie, More Lucha Libre Merchandise Revealed At Toy Fair NY

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New Action Figures For The Lucha Bros, Taya Valkyrie, More Lucha Libre Merchandise Revealed At Toy Fair NY

Masked Republic and their licensing partners revealed several new collectibles at New York Toy Fair this weekend, and we have a first look at some of the product hitting shelves in the near future.

Last summer at Masked Republic’s Expo Lucha convention in San Diego, several new licensing partners were announced for their “Legends Of Lucha Libre” brand and we know more details on some of the announced and brand new reveals at the convention.

Building block system company Pix Brix has new sets for Penta Zero M, Rey Fenix and Solar, as well as a new product display for retailers or wrestling promoters.

Boss Fight Studio revealed their Legends of Lucha Libre Collectors Series Wave 1 figures of Penta Zero M and Rey Fenix last August, and we now know of a lower-priced tier of figures called the “Fanaticos Series”. Lucha Central revealed the first wave of 4 Fanaticos figures will be a classic ECW era Juventud Guerrera, Taya Valkyrie and alternate versions of Penta and Fenix that come with a Lucha Brothers t-shirt, matching one available in their online store at Pro Wrestling Tees.

WrestleZone learned new design details for Boss Fight and Legends of Lucha Libre’s mini-figures. Each figure will measure 3″ tall and comes with one accessory, and each figure will have a standard design as well as rare or chase variants. The first wave of mini-figures will be released in late 2020 and they will include Konnan, Lady Maravilla, Tinieblas Jr., Solar and The Lucha Brothers.

Check out some photos from the event below!

We got a look at several new action figures for the Lucha Bros, Taya Valkyrie, more Lucha libre merchandise revealed at #toyfairny

— WrestleZone on Mandatory (@WRESTLEZONEcom) February 22, 2020

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Masked Republic was featured in Wrestlezone’s “Best For The Business ’19” feature that highlights some of the most influential people, promotions and brands that changed the wrestling business in a positive way in the past year.

The Masked Republic entry is below; click here to see the full list.

Masked Republic

Masked Republic is one of the premier brands in Lucha libre merchandise and looks to make the Mexican wrestling culture more accessible to fans in the United States.

Co-founder Kevin Kleinrock has been part of the wrestling world for more than 20 years and alongside Ruben Zamora and their team, Masked Republic has brought the Lucha libre culture to the United States and made it more accessible than ever before. MR is headquartered in San Diego, CA but they also have offices in San Francisco, Mexico City and London and have a hand in creating live events, merchandise and content distribution deals.

Kleinrock has said Masked Republic wants to bridge the gap with their brands, not only entering a market that’s lacking in products, but to help the wrestlers navigate the business world themselves. The company represents a number of Lucha libre’s top names like the Lucha Bros, Rey Mysterio, Tinieblas Jr and Blue Demon Jr , helping them create officially licensed products and navigate the business side of professional wrestling branding. In addition, MR has created their own intellectual property brands like The Luchaverse (comic books), Lucha Loot (merchandise crates), Lucha Central (Lucha Libre news) and Saints & Rudos Streetwear.

Masked Republic launched a number of new products in 2019, and previewed some more things to come like their new Legends of Lucha Libre action figure line from Boss Fight Studio. Three waves of the highly-detailed figures and accessories are already confirmed, and in what will be their third year this August, Expo Lucha is set to visit Philadelphia for their fan festival highlighting Lucha’s past and present. After two successful events in Las Vegas in 2018 and San Diego in 2019, Expo Lucha makes the journey to the famed 2300 (ECW) Arena, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the arrival of the luchadores in ECW back in 1995.

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