Negative One On The Dark Order’s Leader: I’m Clearly ‘The Brains’ Of This Operation

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Negative One On The Dark Order’s Leader: I’m Clearly ‘The Brains’ Of This Operation

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Negative One, son of the late-great Brodie Lee, is a star in the making.

Brodie Lee Jr., also known as Negative One, was a special guest on the AEW Unrestricted Podcast alongside fellow Dark Order member ‘10‘ to discuss the elephant in the room — who’s the leader of the group?

“My mom thinks she’s the leader, but actually I am because I’m the second generation of my dad and my dad was the leader,” said Lee Jr.

Lee Jr. then explained his vision for his future in the business.

“The first person I’d want to wrestle is whoever is the world champion,” Lee Jr. said when asked who’d he like to wrestle once he’s of age. “When I grow up, the first thing I’m thinking is go for the world champion and don’t hold back. I don’t care who the champion is, I don’t care if it’s [Jon] Moxley, I don’t care of it’s Kenny [Omega], I don’t care if it’s Orange Cassidy, I don’t care if it’s him [looks at ’10’], but it’s probably not going to be him because he’s too dumb.'”

Finally, Lee Jr. made it clear that he intends to follow his father’s footsteps by becoming a professional wrestler.

“No, no, no, no, no and NO,” empathically responded Lee Jr. when asked if he has any interest in doing things outside of pro wrestling once he grows up. “If I’d be something else, it’s gotta be a 100% NO! There’s only a 0% chance that I’d be anything other than a professional wrestler. I’ve watched wrestling since I was like 1, I’ve done it and I’m gonna do it because my dad do it and I’m not gonna stop because I’ve got to live out his legacy!”

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