Natalya Shares Insights on Her Highly Anticipated Return to WWE NXT

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Natalya made her return to WWE’s NXT brand on Tuesday night, where she went head-to-head with Lola Vice. In an interview, she shared her thoughts on the bout. She said,

Honestly, I’m speechless because it feels just surreal being back here. Even though I’m one of the most winning women in WWE history and I do have the world record for that [laughs], it’s been a minute since I’ve actually had a victory in WWE. These moments, I don’t take for granted. I just feel so honored to be here. I almost got choked up when I heard the crowd. It just made me emotional because it brought back so many memories of some of the best moments of my career that were at NXT, truly. Being in the ring with Lola, I realized more than ever that she is one of fastest-rising stars in NXT. She’s amazing, but she’s not the BOAT. Knowing that she’s so talented, but also seeing how cocky she is, it just felt really good putting her in her place tonight. I don’t know, I think I need to go celebrate with a glass of wine and some chocolate.

Karmen Petrovic, who was at ringside for the match, added: “As long as I’ve known Nattie, since the first time I met her, she’s been nothing but kind, supportive, loving. She’s always been there for me. I had a million questions coming into the industry, and she’s been nothing but helpful from day one, so I knew I had to be in her corner tonight, especially when it comes to Lola Vice. Everything that she’s had to say about me and every time she came at me, I think with her being out there and knowing Nattie, I just had to be there for her.

Natalya Returns to WWE’s NXT Brand with a Victorious Comeback

On Tuesday night, Natalya made a triumphant return to WWE’s NXT brand, where she faced off against Lola Vice in an intense match. After the bout, Natalya expressed her thoughts on her return and the significance of the moment. She also received support from her friend and fellow wrestler, Karmen Petrovic.

Natalya, known as one of the most successful women in WWE history, admitted that it felt surreal to be back in the NXT ring. Despite her impressive track record and numerous victories, it had been some time since she had experienced a win in WWE. This made the moment even more special for her. Natalya expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and the overwhelming support from the crowd. The nostalgia of being back in NXT brought back memories of some of the best moments of her career.

During the match, Natalya faced off against Lola Vice, whom she recognized as one of the fastest-rising stars in NXT. Natalya acknowledged Vice’s talent but also noticed her cocky demeanor. It gave her great satisfaction to put Vice in her place and assert her dominance in the ring. Natalya’s experience and skill proved to be too much for her opponent.

Natalya’s friend, Karmen Petrovic, who was present at ringside, shared her admiration for Natalya’s character and supportiveness. Petrovic emphasized Natalya’s kindness, support, and love throughout their friendship. From day one, Natalya has been there for Petrovic, answering her countless questions and providing guidance as she entered the wrestling industry. Petrovic felt compelled to be in Natalya’s corner during the match against Vice, especially considering Vice’s negative comments about her. Petrovic’s presence served as a testament to their strong bond and loyalty.

The return of Natalya to NXT was met with great excitement from fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Her skill, experience, and dedication to the sport have made her a respected figure in the wrestling community. Natalya’s comeback signifies her continued commitment to the WWE and her desire to showcase her abilities in the ring.

Natalya’s victorious return to NXT was a reminder of her legacy and the impact she has had on the wrestling world. As she celebrated her win, Natalya expressed her desire to indulge in a glass of wine and some chocolate, a well-deserved treat after a hard-fought battle.

The video embedded in the article captures the exclusive moment of Natalya celebrating her return with Karmen Petrovic. It showcases the joy and camaraderie between the two wrestlers, further highlighting the support Natalya receives from her peers.

Overall, Natalya’s return to WWE’s NXT brand was a memorable event that showcased her talent, resilience, and the enduring support she receives from those around her. As she continues her journey in the wrestling world, fans eagerly await her future matches and victories.