Naomi Reveals She Recently Underwent Surgery

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Naomi Reveals She Recently Underwent Surgery


Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

Naomi reassures everyone she’s doing OK after an unplanned surgery.

Naomi posted a photo of herself in the hospital along with the following message, revealing she had surgery to remove a large fibroid that has been causing her trouble:

“In the midst of hurricane sally and Covid I also underwent an unexpected 6 hr surgery to finally remove a massive fibroid that’s caused me severe anemia fatigue horrible abdominal pains and more problems I don’t even want to mention over the past year and a half… I’m recovering well, I’m relieved and already feeling so much better so family, friends and fans don’t worry. I’m ok lol miss ya #myomectomyrecovery”

The myomectomy procedure she had performed is a surgery to remove uterine fibroids. The growths are non-cancerous but they can cause other issues in women and can develop at any age. Naomi last appeared on SmackDown in a Beat The Clock Challenge on August 21.

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