Naomi Asked WWE To Move Her To NXT Last Year, Wanted To Work With Bianca Belair

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Naomi Asked WWE To Move Her To NXT Last Year, Wanted To Work With Bianca Belair


Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

Naomi has been on fire ever since she returned at the Royal Rumble and was recently on the Women’s Weekly Wrestling podcast. During the interview, she revealed that she had wanted to move to NXT to work there while she wasn’t being used on the main roster. She specifically wanted to work with Bianca Belair.

“I asked about a year ago to go down to NXT to work,” revealed Naomi (transcription via Post Wrestling). “I just think NXT is awesome. I love NXT and also, the time I wasn’t being used much on the main roster so, I was like, ‘Dang, can I go down there and just see what I can get into, what could happen, and the talent down there is just so good.’ Just so good, and this was at the time where … I love Bianca, and her personality and her spirit is even more beautiful so, that was one idea I had. I either wanted to go work against her or to be with her or to do this story but it wasn’t the right time and also, ‘B’ is a star all on her own and I think they want her to be that and come into her own but, it’s just a dream of mine because we’ve never officially had two African-American tag team champions. That’s never happened, and I think, it might’ve been me and Cameron — we were the first legit, two black tag team females.”

However, that never came to be and Naomi is now back on the main roster in SmackDown.

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