MVP: There’s Something Wonderful About Being A Positive Influence, Men Of Color Being Presented Successfully

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MVP: There’s Something Wonderful About Being A Positive Influence, Men Of Color Being Presented Successfully


Photo Credit: WWE Network

MVP spoke with Kenny Herzog for Bleacher Report ahead of Sunday’s Royal Rumble event and talked about the influence The Hurt Business is having on the WWE Universe.

MVP discussed his latest WWE run in the company as the leader of The Hurt Business, a group of all-Black male superstars that established themselves as a group that is successful, kicks people’s asses and looks good doing it. The visual of all four men in suits sets the tone on WWE TV, but MVP says he continues to get messages from young men that take fashion cues from The Hurt Business and talked about the importance of being a positive influence on that community and a younger generation.

“I’ve actually had tailors tell me they’ve had young men saying they want to get a suit like The Hurt Business. There’s a lot to be said for men of color to be presented successfully. That’s something beautiful—when you’re a kid to see somebody that looks like you presented that way. That’s a wonderful thing that we’re able to make a positive influence in that way.”

MVP also spoke about what his return to WWE (don’t call it a comeback) meant for him on a personal level. Noting that he’s closer to the end of his career than the start, the former United States Champion says it’s a humbling feeling to know that the fans are still entertained by him.

“I’m glad that people are being entertained. I’m glad that at this stage of my career, my talents are still being appreciated by the biggest wrestling company in the world and its fanbase. So, for me, this is very humbling.”

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Ring Of Honor’s Kenny King also shared similar comments when he recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard. King, who was aligned with MVP and Bobby Lashley in TNA Wrestling as the Beat Down Clan, talked about how it’s important to note that The Hurt Business isn’t ‘just’ a group of black wrestlers and presentation goes a long way in establishing a group so they get the same opportunities as others.

“It isn’t ‘four black dudes being black dudes and militant’—no! It’s four businessmen and it’s their business to beat your ass! We dress well, we’ve got fine taste and we’re educated and classy, but when it comes to the 9-to-5, our job is to beat your ass. That’s as relatable of a stable in pro wrestling that’s ever been created. As long as that continues—and all that really has to continue is the depth,” King said. “Triple H can be the ‘Cerebral Assasin’ and ‘The Game’ and all of these things, and as long as Bobby Lashley can be the same, then we won’t just have to continue to pair Bobby with who is like him or who is black. As long as we continue to have depth and different levels, then I think we’re on the right path.”

King also noted that Andrade and Santos Escobar’s respective alliances in WWE and NXT also started off as ‘a group of Spanish guys’ but they had a common bond that surpassed that, so it’s up to the people that are aware of things in the writing room to keep pushing for these opportunities.

“It can’t just be ‘let’s put the Spanish dudes together, let’s put the black dudes together,’” King said, “and if you can find a reason to create depth and make people relate to these characters, then I think we’re alright.”

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