MVP Pushing To Head Up New Stable In WWE

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MVP Pushing To Head Up New Stable In WWE

Photo Credit: Getty Images

What was supposed to be a one and done return for Montel Vontaveous Porter has morphed into a significant second run for the WWE original who made his fame in the company in the late 2000s. He’s become the key in reigniting Bobby Lashley in Raw’s upper mid-card, and he’s teased managerial services with several other talents on the roster. In a talk with talkSport, Mr. Porter said that he would love to expand those teases into a full-on new faction, and the talks are already in motion.

Absolutely. It’s something I’ve been discussing and let’s see how things go… let’s just say there’s method to my madness! I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised if I can take this… just watch me work! I’ll leave it at that – watch me work.

MVP also talked about the younger talent that rose in his absence from the company, and how much he’s pleased with their work ethic.

There is no shortage of amazing talent on both the SmackDown and RAW rosters and you’ve got a Performance Center full of hungry people that want an opportunity to step up to the next level. So there’s no shortage of people for me to work with.

For more, including his thoughts on wrestling Apollo Crews for the newly rechristened United States title, be sure to check out the full interview!

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