Mustafa Ali On Having The Trust Of WWE Creative To ‘Shed Light’ On Real-Life Issues

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Mustafa Ali On Having The Trust Of WWE Creative To ‘Shed Light’ On Real-Life Issues

mustafa ali

Photo Credit: WWE

Being a former police officer, Mustafa Ali has seen both beauty and cruelty that life gives us and the current WWE star has recently stated that he will take any moment he can to make a statement about issues facing the world today.

Ali was interviewed by Alistair McGeorge of Metro UK and a major focus was Ali being able to reference societal issues going on as the former leader of Retribution.

“I am very fortunate. I have a pretty good relationship with the creative writing team and with Vince himself as far as when it comes to what I wanna say. I believe a lot of that’s trust, because some of the things I bring up are controversial and there’s ways to say it. So, talking blatantly about racial discrimination probably won’t be approved, but, saying ‘you can’t figure out what to do with a guy named Mustafa Ali’ – there’s some room. It’s on you as a viewer to gravitate and connect the dots. I have the ability to bring up things without punching you in the face with it.”

With being Muslim and positioned as a heel on-air, Ali has unfortunately received a lot of hateful comments over his social media accounts, but the star and passionate family man expresses how he’s able to keep that unnecessary negativity in perspective.

“If you – not you, but you bad troll online that tweets at me – and you say these horrific things about me because of my religion. ‘You see the brown skin, you see the name, and you go, ‘Oh because of this, that means you’re a barbarian, you’re uncivilised, you wanna wish harm upon everybody,’ and you say all of these terrible things about me. ‘Now, if I respond and yell horrific things at you and I insult you – I’ve kinda proved your point, but if I respond in kindness and I clarify you and I sound intelligent and articulate, not only have I defeated your point, I’ve made you look like an idiot.’ ‘Yeah, here and there someone deserves a clapback and they’ll get it,’ he laughed. ‘My whole thing is, I know what you’re saying is not true, so why would I let that interrupt me? ‘I live a very blessed, happy life. In the confines of these walls in my home, everyone’s got a smile on their face, my kids are upstairs playing right now, my wife is sitting on this couch. Everything’s great!”

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