Mustafa Ali Hopes To Defend The Intercontinental Title On RAW, SmackDown, Or A New Show

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Mustafa Ali will prove he is a fighting champion if he leaves WWE Night of Champions 2023 with the Intercontinental Title.

Ali earned a championship match during this week’s episode of RAW by winning a battle royal.


Speaking on the latest episode of WWE’s “The Bump,” Ali addressed what he’ll be like as champion, and pushed for a new show to be created. He said,

“The reign of positivity man! It’s gonna be the free agent, the Intercontinental Champion, going to RAW, going to SmackDown, I mean the people have been saying they want me at NXT. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just go around and this Intercontinental Championship goes back to what it was meant to be. I know GUNTHER, he gave an honest effort, he’s been trying to restore honor back into a ring and I just think he’s been a big bully. I think he’s been protecting the Championship, I don’t think he defends it as much as he should but don’t worry, with me as the Intercontinental Champion, I’ll be defending that on Monday, on Friday, on Tuesdays, I don’t know if we ever gonna have a show on Wednesdays soon, maybe we just make a show just for me on Wednesdays.

“But that’s what’s gonna happen. The Intercontinental Championship is now going to equal opportunity. I’ll be calling out Dolph Ziggler, I’ll be calling Apollo [Crews], Ricochet, I’ll go down to NXT with Carmelo Hayes. It doesn’t matter, the Intercontinental Championship is gonna go back to what it’s supposed to be, this exciting competitive field, not GUNTHER defending it here and there, no. But he did a good job, I mean, I’ll think of him.”

Ali’s journey to become Intercontinental Champion will not be easy, as he will face GUNTHER at Night of Champions 2023 on May 27.

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