Mustafa Ali Anticipated His WWE Release and Shares Insight on His Lack of Emotional Response

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Mustafa Ali appeared on Straight Talk Wrestling to discuss a wide range range of topics including his WWE release last year. Here are the highlights: 

On the release:

“Expected, but there was no emotional, like, sadness associated with it. I’m a very business-oriented person. I know what I’m capable of. WWE is a huge entity, it’s a promotional machine and oftentimes what happens is guys at the top of the card are in those positions for a reason and obviously, we always hear about the revenue breaking-records that they’re making. So they obviously know what they’re doing. I, as an individual, always believed in the mantra of if you really believe in it, you’re willing to bet on yourself, right? And I was willing to bet on myself a year-and-a-half or two years ago, whenever it was (that I first asked for my release) and that’s all it really came down to. I know what I’m capable of. In two months, I’ve already taken over the industry. Sold-out show after sold-out show. I can’t keep enough merchandise. It’s like I’m the hottest free agent in the world right now… in like 60 days? So, I bet on myself, it’s already paid dividends and I’m excited for what the future holds.”

On taking inspiration from Cody Rhodes: 

“The only thing that I’m surprised about is how quick I was able to reap the rewards of my risk. Usually, this takes a while and we’re talking about a few months in… When I announced this run and I saw sold-out after sold-out after sold-out, these promoters started contacting me that they haven’t had someone move tickets and have these sell-out crowds since a Cody Rhodes. So to have that comparison and look where he’s at. Literally, the top of the business, heading into WrestleMania, the talk of the industry and deservingly so and Cody was a guy that I take a lot of inspiration from and what I mean by that is what set this all up was the launch of my campaign video which was released on December 21st… The concept behind it was who was the last guy that really made that impact of like, what’s gonna happen? And this is when Cody Rhodes released the list and I remember everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, these dream matches, but where? And how? How are we gonna see them?’ And I go, ‘What’s the 2024 Mustafa Ali version of the list?’ So the campaign video came about of, you know, calling out guys like Will Ospreay and ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey and (El Hijo del) Vikingo and (Matt) Cardona and all these notable names and that’s what happened is it became a frenzy of people wondering how is this gonna — where is he gonna go? Where is this gonna happen? And it’s happening, it’s happening so a marketing campaign well done.”

Mustafa Ali, the former WWE superstar, recently appeared on Straight Talk Wrestling to discuss various topics, including his release from the company last year. Ali shared his thoughts and experiences, shedding light on his mindset and future plans.

When asked about his release, Ali expressed that it was expected and that he didn’t feel any emotional sadness associated with it. He described himself as a business-oriented person who knows his capabilities. Understanding that WWE is a massive promotional machine, he acknowledged that the top performers are in their positions for a reason. Ali recognized that WWE’s revenue-breaking records indicate their expertise in decision-making. However, he firmly believed in betting on himself and his abilities. This self-confidence led him to request his release a year and a half or two years ago. Ali emphasized that he knew what he was capable of and had already made significant strides in the industry within just two months. He mentioned sold-out shows and high merchandise demand, positioning himself as the hottest free agent in the world.

Ali also spoke about drawing inspiration from Cody Rhodes, another wrestler who successfully bet on himself and ventured outside of WWE. Ali expressed surprise at how quickly he reaped the rewards of his risk, with promoters reaching out to him after witnessing sold-out crowds. Comparing himself to Rhodes, who is currently at the top of the business and heading into WrestleMania, Ali acknowledged the impact Rhodes had made. He mentioned how Rhodes’ list of dream matches generated excitement and curiosity among fans, which inspired Ali to create his own campaign video. In this video, Ali called out notable names in the wrestling industry, generating anticipation for where he would go next. Ali credited this marketing campaign for its success in creating a frenzy and building anticipation for his future endeavors.

Overall, Mustafa Ali’s interview on Straight Talk Wrestling provided insights into his mindset and approach to his WWE release. He demonstrated confidence in his abilities and expressed excitement for what the future holds. Ali’s story serves as a reminder that taking risks and betting on oneself can lead to unexpected success and opportunities in the wrestling industry.