Murphy: ‘I Will Be The New Seth Rollins,’ Says 205 Live Saved His Career

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Murphy: ‘I Will Be The New Seth Rollins,’ Says 205 Live Saved His Career

buddy murphy

Photo Credit: Flickr / Miguel Discart

Murphy recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump, and during his appearance on the show, he reflected on his time with Seth Rollins, his time on WWE 205 Live and more. Here are some highlights:

On his time with Seth Rollins:

Murphy: “I am a disciple. [Rollins] literally picked me off the ground and opened his arms up to me. So everything he said was the truth. He did teach me lessons, I’ve learned so much from him and whether we like him or we hate him, he’s one of the best in the world, so he as a great teacher. I learned a lot of things. Some of his stuff… questionable, as we can tell by the past. But no, from what he said, I’m a disciple to everything, I’m a disciple because I learn the game, I wanna learn from everyone.”

“I told [Seth]that we know that the day will come and that I will be the new Seth Rollins.

On Aalyah Mysterio:

Murphy: “What was exposed to the world was very innocent. I was checking on how she was after her family basically, you know, kicked her out. Nothing but innocent on my side, you know, she’s an awesome girl. Rey and Dominik, they’re either gonna have to accept that or there’s gonna continue to be problems.”

On his time on WWE 205 Live:

Murphy: “205 saved my career. The guys there, I can’t say enough good things. We literally had the biggest chip on our shoulder to create something good, must-see TV. We wanted to bring a product that would rival any other product in the world, and I felt like we did that.”

The full video is available here:

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