MSK Retain NXT Tag Team Titles In Elimination Four-Way

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MSK Retain NXT Tag Team Titles In Elimination Four-Way


Image Credit: WWE

MSK had the deck stacked against them on the 10/5 episode of NXT 2.0, but Wes Lee and Nash Carter weathered the storm of four other teams to walk out the victors and still your NXT Tag Team Champions. MSK put their NXT Tag belts on the line against Grizzled Young Vets, Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes and Jensen & Briggs. The first team to be pinned were Williams and Hayes before Grizzled Young Vets were eliminated in thanks to Briggs and Jensen. It came down to those four for a solid few minutes until the finish came when Lee Frankensteiner’ed Jensen for the 1-2-3 finish.

Post-match, Briggs and Jensen grabbed hold of the titles and handed the belts to Lee and Carter in a sign of respect. Right after the two left the ring to let MSK celebrate, Imperium came out and attacked MSK from behind. Briggs and Jensen came in for the late save and that’s how the show ended.

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