MSK Explains How Thought They Were Bound To Be Rivals, But They Clicked As A Team Instead

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MSK Explains How Thought They Were Bound To Be Rivals, But They Clicked As A Team Instead

MSK Wes Lee and Nash Carter

Image Credit: WWE

MSK is firing on all cylinders early in its run on NXT. Nash Carter and Wes Lee are set to compete in the semi-finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Carter and Lee discussed their time on the black-and-gold brand, and they reflected on the beginning of their partnership.

“Honestly, it just clicked,” said Carter. “We wrestled each other one time, and then after that, it was just like okay, whatever this is, can we keep this? And it was just like all right, let’s be a team.”

Lee revealed that the two stars once thought they’d become rivals because they’re quite competitive with each other.

“We danced around the possibility of being a team for a while,” said Lee. “We joked about it, but we always felt that we would be rivals. We would always just push each other in the ring, both professionally and personally, we would try to better each other. That nice brotherly competitiveness, and that’s the kind of stuff that helps elevate an individual when you have that person that’s kind of right on level with you. They’ll progress and then you’ll progress.”

MSK also previewed its semi-final match with Legado del Fantasma. Lee and Carter shared their mindset heading into this buzzworthy bout.

“We’re kind of approaching this a little bit differently because this is a team that has been together for a while,” said Carter. “Their cohesive unit that they got going on with Santos [Escobar] makes them a little bit more of an opponent that you have to have a set game plan for.”

Likewise, Carter explained that Legado del Fantasma is an entirely different challenge.

“They’re more aggressive than the other teams,” said Carter. “The past two matches, we were able to have a little bit more of kind of our style things, but [with this match,] definitely feel like they’re gonna come out way more aggressive, way harder and try to bring it to us quicker.”

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