Mr. Kennedy Shares How Highly He Regards Kurt Angle On His Show

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Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ken Anderson, known in WWE as Mr. Kennedy, was recently a special guest on “The Kurt Angle Show,” where he discussed a variety of topics pertaining to his career and the wrestling business. He also reflected on working with Angle in TNA and hailed him as being on his Mt. Rushmore.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On working alongside Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in TNA: “I loved it. I think I have Eric to thank…Eric and Hulk to thank for getting me into TNA in the first place and sort of opening that door after I got fired from WWE. I went on the Hogan tour of Australia, and it was like a five-day tour in Australia, and I just had a really good time and got to know those guys, and so I think they sort of made that bridge to TNA? So that’s cool. I really loved working with Eric.”

On how highly he regards Kurt Angle: “Kurt is on my Mount Rushmore. I was really sort of bummed out when he left because I think Kurt was at WWE when I first got there. He was on Raw with Davari managing him. And then Kurt left and I was kind of bummed out. I was super excited when they told me at TNA that I would be paired up with them, and I just remember Kurt you being so giving and so open to suggestions and being really creative, I really loved it.”

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