Mr Curtis Hughes SHOOTS on Matt Borne, Scott Hall, Virgil, Sherri Martel & MORE! | FIRING LINE

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Mr Curtis Hughes Shoots on Matt Borne, Scott Hall, Virgil, Sherri Martel & MORE! | FIRING LINE
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These genuine wrestler are super. the firing line it's infrequently the an identical as name association except i'm going to give you some names of of us that you’re employed with or portion locker rooms with you snarl me what you mediate about them for basically the most fragment i mediate you'll correct mediate they're all sizable guys anyway nonetheless the first one is stan hansen .

Stan hell of a man man uh we label we label together and that man is among the i indicate the nicest guys nonetheless when he goes to work you better obtain out of the manner because when he comes by that curtain you don't know who the hell he’s because he's swinging that chain and .

Doing his gimmick man i indicate because i had a likelihood to label with him on the boulevard at wcw we rode together too and this man right here uh i indicate from the dressing room to the ring fully a form of two two a form of of us .

Once that man leaves and goes by that goes by the curtain shoot you'd be esteem how rattling this man's a upright mountainous gun actor you know plus i esteem the film he turned into in when he did that over pass he had a upright scene in the lavatory that turned into funny as hell .

Yeah yeah and additionally i counsel the a form of adjustments i'll take it the a form of contrast turned into uh he turned into squinting because he took his glasses off so he turned into doing that continuously yeah yeah exactly upright yeah next one virgil oh what a personality .

What a personality uh virgo attention-grabbing i worked him a pair of times uh in wwf we we i've been doing it for years uh peculiar personality nonetheless a upright man even supposing upright man peculiar how yeah successfully .

Uh let's witness he's a hustler let's build it that manner he hustles quite rattling upright in each build many programs that you may perhaps additionally be wherever he can shuffle enact you make a greenback you enact it which i occupy recognize from that on that right here yeah okay uh paul bearer percy pringle oh yeah he's a upright man .

Man paul's a upright man man tremendous man man upright coronary heart no question about it shane mcmahon acknowledged he turned into a unswerving man you know uh serve in my early years wwf in my in 93 uh i undergo in tips shane he turned into a youthful man then uh he worked .

Within the truck shane worked in the manufacturing truck and i turned into in how they did issues so i would after i received completed with my tapings and i didn't don’t occupy the leisure to enact i would exit and obtain in the truck the manufacturing truck because i wished to .

Survey how they did the total lot you know and and i would obtain in the trunk and i would eat pizza with shane i indicate he turned into younger then i'd obtain it and survey survey enact the total lot and shane has quite job in the truck and i would obtain in there and hang out and talk over with him and and eat pizza .

Yeah and um shane turned into a upright man uh nonetheless then about a years later when i went serve upright in 99 and i turned into esteem upright lady buddy glimpse i turned into sizzling rattling shane you're freaking huge bro because i undergo in tips these shrimp skinny dudes you understand .

That he's mountainous as hell esteem vince i'm esteem upright god almighty bro you're huge you know i indicate that you know the households at all times work out anyway so ross who jim ross jim ross upright man sizable man upright upright buddy man jim ross did he sizable commentator .

Always at all times puts me over when he did our fits uh he knows upright he knows athletes when he sees them he's from oklahoma uh mountainous eight serve then and he used to call i undergo in tips because we used to be opponents .

You know esteem oh okay dangle you know oklahoma okay dangle in oklahoma you know and uh that turned into a upright thing that uh you know kept us going at each a form of because you know we're gonna beat you this twelve months we're gonna beat you this twelve months after which turn spherical and we beat them or they beat us or you know then finally .

My upright buddy you know uh marcus dupree undergo in tips him he played it oklahoma serve in the day and uh you know we form of played all around the an identical time uh nonetheless nonetheless you know he played in genuine in the usfl and all that nonetheless he went to oklahoma as successfully you know nonetheless jim ross is a upright man .

I truly mediate that i truly i i i thanked him most continuously for calling my fits he does a sizable job of calling fits and i will glimpse at uh you know that's a upright thing about the web man that you may perhaps additionally glimpse at these passe fits you know and proper glimpse at this sizable commentary and these sizable fits .

I've had by the past it's upright stuff sherry martel sizable sizable sizable sizable lady we turned into upright chums man i omit her so so great you know my wrists are so man obvious sherry turned into a upright lady man she turned into correct uh brian clark you mentioned him before yeah brian goodbye sizable man man we we .

Uh we shuffle manner serve correct correct correct talked to him fair lately correct occupy some obvious work completed and uh correct a upright man sizable dude matt bourne oh my god successfully i'll snarl you man that man we shuffle manner serve oh arrested so man he turned into a upright he turned into a upright man rattling upright duck .

Never had one wicked be aware with that dude man no longer one wicked be aware man he's correct some cats correct left too early he's correct sad that they left you that gum early you know you understand it's correct loopy them rattling some rattling pills man freaking pills man freaking narcotics .

You know what i indicate freaking doctors man that's why i don't take those rattling issues i don't care how great wretchedness i'm in god rattling it i'm a smoker john that's it i don't take no rattling pills all my friends are long past from them safer nobody's ever od'd on weed .

Hell no great esteem i indicate great less you correct shuffle chill you know chill relax you don't take it no question ludwig burger glimpse mountainous um i don't know great about him i indicate i do know who he’s you've received the corporate at .

The same time and uh we wrote a pair times together that's about it i indicate i don't know too great about it okay final one is kevin nash kevin upright man man we we used to be tagged in pardon sergeant this past weekend we talked for a rapid time you know um yeah nonetheless you know we didn't know that .

Scott hall turned into going to be long past nonetheless what a hell of a deal yeah um i counsel this could per chance be a upright time because i hadn't truly written this down nonetheless uh any explicit memories of scott hall which that you may perhaps additionally portion with us yeah man man scott turned into upright chums man we talked loads you know i helped put together his son quite bit you know he uh you know he's .

Gonna be missed man sizable man dude yeah fully i truly i enjoyed working him i held the skills you
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Mr Curtis Hughes SHOOTS on Matt Borne, Scott Hall, Virgil, Sherri Martel & MORE! | FIRING LINE

Mr Curtis Hughes SHOOTS on Matt Borne, Scott Hall, Virgil, Sherri Martel & MORE! | FIRING LINE