Montez Ford Explores the Significance of The Street Profits’ Transition to Heel Characters

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In a recent interview with Alistair McGeorge from Metro UK, The Street Profits’ Montez Ford talked about the impact of their recent heel turn and partnership with Bobby Lashley. Here are the highlights:

How they became stagnant:


“Just got idle for a little while. With that grows frustration and anger, because with the hunger to wanna do more, to advance and have more accomplishments in life, that frustration starts to grow.”

Getting momentum after their recent turn:

“How many times have we had title matches, and we failed? It’s very hard for a group of individuals to get behind a team that constantly — not makes them upset, but they keep coming up short, they’re not successful in there in their feats. It’s very hard to get behind a team like that.”

Being able to show how they feel internally on camera:

“It’s a way of showing what we internally feel like, and showing it on camera to the WWE Universe. It’s kinda an easy transition because once you apply something that’s really real, it’s easy for it to resonate on camera.”

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The Street Profits, consisting of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, recently made a significant change in their characters by turning heel and forming a partnership with Bobby Lashley. In a recent interview with Alistair McGeorge from Metro UK, Montez Ford discussed the impact of this transformation and how it has revitalized their careers.

Ford acknowledged that prior to their heel turn, they had become stagnant. They were frustrated with their lack of progress and the inability to achieve their goals. This frustration grew as they desired to do more and accomplish greater things in their wrestling careers. The hunger to advance and achieve more led to their decision to turn heel.

The Street Profits’ recent turn has allowed them to gain momentum and generate interest from fans. Ford highlighted the difficulty of getting fans behind a team that constantly falls short and fails to succeed in their endeavors. By turning heel, they have been able to change the narrative and present themselves as a formidable force in the wrestling world.

One of the advantages of their heel turn is the ability to showcase their true feelings and emotions on camera. Ford mentioned that it is a way for them to express their internal frustrations and showcase it to the WWE Universe. By incorporating real emotions into their characters, it becomes easier for fans to connect with them and resonate with their storylines.

Overall, the partnership with Bobby Lashley and the heel turn have breathed new life into The Street Profits’ careers. They have been able to break free from their stagnant state and generate momentum by presenting themselves as a dominant force in the wrestling world. The ability to convey their true emotions on camera has further enhanced their characters and made them more relatable to the audience.

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