Montez Ford emerges victorious in bodybuilding competition, while Zelina Vega pulls a prank on Dominik Mysterio

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In a recent post on Instagram, Montez Ford announced that he won first place in a bodybuilding competition and revealed his struggles with body dysmorphia. He wrote,




Saturday I competed in my very first bodybuilding competition & I took home FIRST PLACE overall, with also winning my PRO CARD! For the last few years I’ve been battling with body dysmorphia, very badly. I’ve been dealing with it internally. There was a long period of time, when I looked in the mirror & I wasn’t pleased with what I saw, & everything I tried to do seemed to not make me happier. I even blamed my position, successes, & shortcomings in life because of my body, & also that I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life because of my body. And of course, being in this industry, seeing comments online from people only made it worse.

So I challenged myself. I’ve been a huge fan of bodybuilding since I was a child, with my inspiration coming from Serge Nubret. I always wanted to look like him, & loved everything about it. The discipline, the dedication, & presentation of your body to the world, & your body being a reflection of what you put into it. A complete reflection of your lifestyle.

This weekend, I faced my challenge & fear and punched it right in its f*cking face. I want to thank God, my wife, my kids, (daddy posing in his undies was quite funny to them) my coach @n8fitness, the entire WBFF Organization, WWE for allowing me to do this, my co-workers & friends for their tremendous support throughout this whole thing. Cheering me on, motivating me, and pushing me to the goal line. And also AEGIS for the drug testing throughout the prep making sure to doubters I was within WWE’s wellness policy. (Hard work actually pays off kids) Thank you all & you’ll see me soon, on the next one…as a PRO!


And oh yes,

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Zelina Vega prank-called Dominik Mysterio on her Twitch channel during a recent livestream.

The LWO member called the NXT North American Champion and changed up her voice to sound like a kid placing an order on her mother’s behalf.

You can check out a video of the prank below:

And finally, TBS released a couple of clips from last week’s season premiere of Wipeout, which is co-hosted by John Cena. You can watch the videos below:

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Montez Ford, a professional wrestler known for his time in WWE, recently made a significant announcement on Instagram. He revealed that he won first place in a bodybuilding competition and opened up about his struggles with body dysmorphia.

In his Instagram post, Ford proudly shared his achievement of winning first place in the male fitness model category and obtaining his pro card. He expressed his gratitude to God, his wife, his kids, his coach, the WBFF Organization, WWE, and his co-workers and friends for their support throughout his journey. Ford also mentioned AEGIS, a company that conducted drug testing during his preparation, ensuring that he adhered to WWE’s wellness policy.

The wrestler revealed that he had been battling body dysmorphia for several years. He explained how he often felt dissatisfied with his appearance and blamed his body for various aspects of his life. The negative comments he received online only worsened his condition. To overcome this challenge, Ford decided to face his fear and pursue bodybuilding, a passion he had since childhood. He admired the discipline, dedication, and presentation of the body in bodybuilding, considering it a reflection of one’s lifestyle.

Ford’s announcement received widespread support from fans and fellow wrestlers. Many praised his determination and courage to confront his insecurities. The wrestler’s story serves as an inspiration to others who may be struggling with body image issues or self-doubt.

In other wrestling news, Zelina Vega, another WWE wrestler, recently prank-called Dominik Mysterio on her Twitch channel. During a livestream, Vega disguised her voice as a child placing an order on her mother’s behalf. The humorous interaction entertained fans and showcased the playful side of the wrestlers outside the ring.

Additionally, TBS released clips from the season premiere of “Wipeout,” a show co-hosted by John Cena. The videos featured entertaining challenges and contestants competing in hilarious obstacles. Cena’s involvement in the show adds to his diverse career beyond wrestling.

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Montez Ford’s journey of overcoming body dysmorphia and achieving success in bodybuilding serves as a reminder that perseverance and self-acceptance can lead to personal growth and accomplishments. His story resonates with many individuals who may be facing similar challenges, inspiring them to embrace their bodies and pursue their passions.