MLW’s Burning Crush Special Scheduled for This Saturday

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Major League Wrestling (MLW) is slated to hold its second ‘Burning Crush’ special this Saturday.

You can check out the official announcement below:

MLW presents The Burning CRUSH 2-hour free special this Saturday on cable and streaming

Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krügger and more!

MLW presents a free simulcasted special on cable television and streaming worldwide on YouTube 10pm ET this Saturday night.

This Saturday Major League Wrestling presents “The Burning CRUSH,” a spectacular two-hour free special, broadcasting nationwide on cable’s beIN SPORTS (find a provider) and streaming live on MLW’s YouTube Channel (

Wrestling fans will experience a stacked card, including:

Baklei Brawl: Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krule Krügger of CONTRA Unit

COZYMAX (Satoshi Kojima & Okumura_ vs. World Titan Federation Superstars® Davey Boy Smith Jr & Richard Holliday (promoted by Saint Laurent)

Cesar Duran’s latest AZTECA Lucha acquisitions will be revealed!

Matt Riddle calls out New Japan?!

MLW National Openweight Championship: Rickey Shane Page vs. Jake Crist

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor (promoted by Saint Laurent) vs. Matthew Justice

Lumber Jack and Jill match: Love, Doug vs. Brett Ryan Gosselin

Featherweight 4-way: Delmi Exo vs. Zayda vs. Tiara James vs. Notorious Mimi

Wasted Youth & Nolo Kitano vs. Tony Deppen, TJ Crawford & Griffin McCoy

About Major League Wrestling

Major League Wrestling (MLW®) is a sports media holding company, offering television content, action figures, apparel, live events, and ancillary entertainment. MLW operates live events in major markets, including New York, Chicago, and Tampa.

One of the fastest growing wrestling leagues today, MLW programming is available in over 60 countries worldwide, including on beIN Sports in the U.S. and Ayozat TV on SKY in the United Kingdom.

MLW premium live events stream monthly live and exclusively on Triller TV+.

MLW events showcase diversity and the full spectrum of professional wrestling, with athletes representing countries around the world with fighting styles, including: technical, Japanese strong style, lucha libre, King’s Road brawling, MMA, catch wrestling, hybrid wrestling, submission grappling and other disciplines.

For more information visit and follow MLW on X, Instagram and YouTube.

Major League Wrestling (MLW) is set to captivate wrestling fans once again with its upcoming event, ‘Burning Crush.’ This two-hour special will be broadcasted on cable television and streamed worldwide on MLW’s YouTube channel this Saturday at 10 pm ET.

The highlight of the event will be the Baklei Brawl between Jacob Fatu and Mads Krügger of CONTRA Unit. These two formidable wrestlers will undoubtedly deliver an intense and thrilling match that fans won’t want to miss. Additionally, COZYMAX (Satoshi Kojima & Okumura) will face off against World Titan Federation Superstars® Davey Boy Smith Jr & Richard Holliday, promoted by Saint Laurent. This clash of talents promises to be a spectacle of athleticism and skill.

Furthermore, MLW fans can look forward to the revelation of Cesar Duran’s latest AZTECA Lucha acquisitions. Duran, known for his strategic moves and impactful signings, is sure to bring in exciting new talent that will shake up the wrestling scene.

In a surprising turn of events, Matt Riddle has called out New Japan. This unexpected challenge has piqued the interest of fans, who are eagerly awaiting Riddle’s intentions and potential future matchups.

The MLW National Openweight Championship will also be up for grabs as Rickey Shane Page takes on Jake Crist. Both competitors are known for their tenacity and determination, making this title match a must-watch for wrestling enthusiasts.

Another exciting matchup will feature “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, promoted by Saint Laurent, facing off against Matthew Justice. Lawlor’s technical prowess and Justice’s relentless aggression promise to create an explosive encounter in the ring.

Adding a touch of uniqueness to the event is the Lumber Jack and Jill match between Love, Doug, and Brett Ryan Gosselin. This match will surely provide a blend of entertainment and athleticism, as these wrestlers showcase their skills in an unconventional setting.

The Featherweight 4-way match between Delmi Exo, Zayda, Tiara James, and Notorious Mimi will showcase the agility and high-flying abilities of these talented wrestlers. Expect a fast-paced and exhilarating contest as they vie for victory.

Additionally, Wasted Youth & Nolo Kitano will take on Tony Deppen, TJ Crawford, and Griffin McCoy in a tag team match. This clash of teams will undoubtedly deliver an action-packed and dynamic performance that will leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Major League Wrestling (MLW) is a sports media holding company that offers a wide range of entertainment options for wrestling enthusiasts. From television content to action figures and live events, MLW caters to the diverse interests of its fan base.

MLW has rapidly grown in popularity and is now available in over 60 countries worldwide. In the United States, MLW programming can be enjoyed on beIN Sports, while Ayozat TV on SKY broadcasts it in the United Kingdom. Additionally, MLW premium live events are exclusively streamed on Triller TV+ on a monthly basis.

One of the distinguishing features of MLW is its commitment to showcasing diversity in professional wrestling. Athletes from various countries participate in MLW events, bringing with them a wide range of fighting styles. Whether it’s technical wrestling, Japanese strong style, lucha libre, or MMA, MLW offers a platform for wrestlers to showcase their unique skills and disciplines.

For more information about Major League Wrestling and to stay updated on their latest events and content, visit and follow MLW on X, Instagram, and YouTube. With its exciting lineup of matches and commitment to delivering top-notch wrestling entertainment, MLW’s ‘Burning Crush’ is an event that fans won’t want to miss.