MLW Teases A Possible In-Ring Comeback For Konnan In 2020

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MLW Teases A Possible In-Ring Comeback For Konnan In 2020


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Konnan has been heavily involved with a great deal of talent on both the MLW and AAA Lucha Libre roster and the luchador legend could be contemplating an in-ring comeback sometime in 2020.

MLW shared an interesting piece on Konnan on its website, detailing the potential interest on Konnan’s end on “bowdy bowdying” his way back in between the ring ropes. Konnan has recently been in a boiling feud with Gino Medina, who abandoned Konnan as his mentor in favor of joining The Dynasty. Konnan just appeared on the most recent episode of MLW Fusion and got into one big confrontation with his former protege. Check out MLW’s article below:

As Konnan has discussed on his MLW Radio Network podcast, Keepin it 100, it has been a goal to compete in a ring in 2020.

A household name in Mexico where he is considered one of the greatest, the popular former WCW/ECW luchador and co-founder of AAA has a decorated career. A career he intends to end with a punctuation.

Something has lit a fire in the luchador.

Those close to Konnan aren’t denying that spark was the Dynasty and Gino Medina’s savage attack on the man who Gino’s late father, the luchador El Sanguinario, called his hermano.

Could an encounter between Gino and Konnan be on the horizon?

League officials deny any talks in that direction at the moment but one would think if Konnan’s training in San Diego goes well, he will soon be sitting with Court Bauer to put in motion a match and Gino is an obvious candidate.

No stranger to MLW, where he has competed for the World Championship and been one of the most well received entrants in the annual 40-wrestler Battle Riot match, Konnan is a mastermind behind the scenes and in game-planning.

What’s next for Konnan? Only the lucha legend himself knows for sure.

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