MLW Reportedly In Talks With Amazon For Streaming Deal

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MLW Reportedly In Talks With Amazon For Streaming Deal

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PWInsider reports that Major League Wrestlings is in talks with Amazon to add MLW Fusion and other TV content to its Prime Video service. MLW currently streams episodes of Fusion to YouTube and FITE in the US along with airings on beIN SPORTS.

Amazon is among many TV content producers scrambling to fill possible holes in their lineups thanks to a looming writer’s strike that could halt production come June. Wrestling and other live sports broadcasts are valued highly in these situations because they aren’t affiliated with the union and could continue drawing in viewers.

If the deal were to go through, Amazon could be the first general-purpose streaming service dipping into a weekly wrestling broadcast. Netflix has hosted Lucha Underground episodes on the past, but not live on the air. Amazon could be interested in something similar, but it would be more interesting (and potentially drive more viewership) to have MLW be weekly scheduled viewing on Prime Video.

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