MLW Fusion: ALPHA Results (11/10/21): Davey Richards vs. Bobby Fish

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MLW Fusion: ALPHA Results (11/10/21): Davey Richards vs. Bobby Fish

MLW Fusion Alpha Davey Richards vs. Bobby Fish

Image Credi: MLW

Just a few days removed from the MLW‘s War Chamber taping on November 6, this week’s episode of MLW Fusion: ALPHA featured a a Semi-Final bout in the Opera Cup, as Bobby Fish took on Davey Richards. Plus, Los Parks were in action along with several other stars on Wednesday night.

The results are as follows:

MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone and EJ Nduka enter the arena together; an interviewer asks “Hammer” about his injured ankle ahead of War Chamber. Nduka tells the interviewer to relax. Nearby, Richard Holliday is on the phone with his former “dynastic” partner, “Max.”

Cesar Duran points out that Hammerstone still needs another partner for War Chamber, and “Hammer” says they won’t make a deal with him because they don’t trust them. Duran pitches the idea of working together to get rid of CONTRA once and for all. Hammerstone tells Duran to spill the beans if he has another teammate for them. Duran has a key and teases that it has something to do with this mystery man.

Los Parks (Hijo del LA Park and LA Park Jr.) vs. 5150 (Rivera and Slice Boogie) (with Konnan and Dr. Julius Smokes)

The match begins with a brawl between the two teams. The commentary team notes that this bout was supposed to a trios match, but LA Park was involved with an “altercation” backstage. In the ring, the brawl continues, and Homicide joins the fray to fight alongside 5150. LA Park isn’t far behind him, as he comes to the ring with a chair.

Los Parks gain the upper hand and dive onto their opponents outside the ring. They get a wooden board and put it in the ring. Park Jr. trades blows with Boogie and drops him with a German suplex and a destroyer for a two count. Boogie powerbombs Park Jr. through a table. Park blasts Boogie with a chair, the referee calls for the bell.

5150 gangs up on Park. Rivera dives onto Park Jr. on the outside. Homicide dives onto Hijo before Park trades blows with Boogie. Park drops him with a spear, and Hijo uses the remnants of the wooden board as a weapon on 5150. The brawl continues outside the ring. Los Parks beat 5150 down with chairs, and the two teams continue to fight as the show goes to a commercial.

Josef Samael cuts a promo on Philadelphia and insults its fans. He says Philly fans are known for backing Hammerstone and his teammates. Samael says it won’t matter, as CONTRA Unit will reign supreme.

5150 and Los Parks keep waging war backstage, and 5150 steals Hijo’s mask.

Chaos is ensuing backstage as Los Parks and 5150 continue to brawl it out.#MLWFusion

— MLW (@MLW) November 11, 2021

12 Man Survival Tag Team Match: EJ Nduka, Richard Holliday, Savio Vega, The Blue Meanie, Warhorse, and Zenshi vs. Ikuro Kwon, KC Navarro, King Mo, Gino Medina, Kevin Ku and The Beastman with Kimchee

Nduka storms the ring and forces the opposing team to leave it. Ku and Warhorse start the bout by exchanging chops. Warhorse blasts him with some kicks, but Kwon rocks him with a kick of his own. Ku pins Warhorse and eliminates him. Nduka squares off with Mo and slams him to eliminate him. He drops Ku wit a spinning powerbomb for another powerbomb. Holliday tags himself in and eats a dropkick from Navarro.

A dive to the outside and a splash give Navarro more momentum. Zenshi tags in and trades fast-paced offense with Navarro. Zenshi, Kwon and Navarro kick each other, and Zenshi takes both men down. Beastman enters the bout and tosses Zenshi across the ring with a slam. The big man squashes Zenshi with a cannonball and pins him. Vega steps into the ring and hits Beastman with a kendo stick. He drops the powerhouse with a kick, but he gets eliminated when Beastman crushes him with a splash.

BIG Spinebuster from @EjTheJudge #MLWFusion

— MLW (@MLW) November 11, 2021

Meanie enters the match and dances around. He takes the fight to Beastman, but he gets squashed and eliminated with a Beastman splash. Beastman squares off with Nduka and accidentally splashes Kimchee. Nduka eliminates Beastman with a slam. Holliday and Medina square off and trade strikes. Holliday slams Medina, and both men go crashing to the floor with a clothesline over the ropes. They keep fighting, and Kwon drops Holliday with a kick, so he gets counted out.

Nduka is left by himself, and his three opponents try to gang up on him. He powers his way out and eliminates Medina with a slam. Navarro gets the same treatment, and the bout comes down to Nduka and Kwon. Nduka presses Kwon over his head, slams him and pins him for the win.

Winner: EJ Nduka

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