MLW Fightland Results (10/7/21)

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MLW Fightland Results (10/7/21)

MLW Fightland

Credit: Major League Wrestling

MLW Fightland is headlined by Alexander Hammerstone battling Jacob Fatu in a Title For Title match as both men put their belts on the line.

October 7, 2021, 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, PA
Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Saint Laurent

MLW World Middleweight Championship
Arez vs. Aramis vs. Tajiri vs. Myron Reed (c)

The match starts with all men paying their respects to Tajiri, but Arez breaks that trust and the match is underway. There’s a great athletic duel between Arez and Aramis. Reed takes control with a guillotine leg drop. Tajiri gives some lethal kicks to his opponents. “Tajiri” chants. Aramis and Tajiri go back and forth. Tajiri gets dropkicked out. A series of suicide dives take us to our first commercial break.

Back from it, Reed hits a flying ace crusher to the outside. No Cap Splash to Aramis, but a buzzsaw kicks saves the match. Brainbuster to Reed. He covers, but Arez makes the save.

Aramis gets a near fall on Arez, but Tajiri saves it once again. Tajiri locks in the tarantula on Aramis as Arez kicks Aramis in the chest. Arez holds Myron Reed upside down on the second rope as Tajiri kicks away at Myron’s lower chest. Soon, it’s Aramis and Arez going back and forth. Reed gets caught with a kick on the apron. Arez dives onto Tajiri while Aramis dives onto Reed. Aramis hits a running Spanish Fly onto Arez. They continue to fight it out in the ring as Arez hits a modified Michinoku Driver on Aramis. Kick out. Arez goes for a top rope splash but Reed catches him with a cutter. A Cap’n Crunch slam by Reed downs Arez, but once again Tajiri saves the bout. All of a sudden, as the ref almost gets collided into, Tajiri green mists Reed. He gives him a buzzsaw kick and he covers: 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW MLW World Middleweight Champion: Tajiri

Mads Krugger is still out for Hammerstone’s blood. He says tonight his quest for gold will be thwarted as the black flag of CONTRA will be draped over his broken body. Krugger is then shown backstage choking a backstage official and asks for the whereabouts of Hammer. He points him in a direction and CONTRA walks off.

Next Wednesday, the 2021 Opera Cup begins with Tom Lawlor taking on Davey Richards in round one.

We get MLW Embedded for our halftime show featuring Emilio Sparks, Andreas Hale, Dave Meltzer and Raj Giri with Alicia Atout. They talk about the rumors of WWE potentially being for sale. The next topic is AEW and what stars they might sign next. Kevin Owens is a big name mentioned. Same with Bray Wyatt. Sami Zayn is another one.

MLW then reveals that Will Ospreay will be a talent featured on their program this fall.