MJF’s Contract Renewal with AEW Implies No Negotiations with WWE

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In the past, AEW World Heavyweight Champion MJF made a big deal about his AEW contract expiring in early 2024 and potentially leaving for WWE if they offered him more money.

However, according to Nick Hausman of Haus of Wrestling, multiple WWE sources now believe that MJF has re-signed with AEW, with one high-ranking WWE source claiming that there have been no discussions between the two parties.


The report noted, “They further noted that the idea Friedman is set to enter free agency imminently is a “false narrative” and that they believe he has re-signed into 2027.”

“This is a completely in his head storyline,” one WWE source said. “1000%,” another WWE source stated. “I was told a while ago he is under a long-term deal, which is why they stopped pushing the 2024 stuff.”

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AEW World Heavyweight Champion MJF has been making headlines with his contract situation. He previously mentioned that his AEW contract would expire in early 2024, and there were rumors that he might consider joining WWE if they offered him a better deal. However, recent reports suggest that MJF has re-signed with AEW.

According to Nick Hausman of Haus of Wrestling, multiple WWE sources believe that MJF has indeed re-signed with AEW. One high-ranking WWE source even stated that there have been no discussions between MJF and WWE. The report further mentioned that the idea of MJF entering free agency soon is a “false narrative,” and it is believed that he has signed a long-term deal with AEW that extends until 2027.

The WWE sources emphasized that the notion of MJF leaving for WWE was purely a storyline created by MJF himself. They mentioned that they were informed a while ago that MJF is under a long-term contract, which is why the talk about his contract expiring in 2024 has stopped.

This news comes as a relief for AEW fans who have been enjoying MJF’s performances and character development. MJF, whose real name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, is known for his exceptional mic skills and his ability to generate heat from the audience. He has been a prominent figure in AEW since its inception and has held the AEW World Heavyweight Championship since November 2021.

MJF’s decision to re-sign with AEW showcases his loyalty to the company and his belief in its future. It also indicates the trust and confidence he has in AEW’s management and creative team. With his talent and charisma, MJF will continue to be a vital asset for AEW as they strive to establish themselves as a major player in the professional wrestling industry.

As wrestling fans, we can look forward to witnessing more memorable moments and compelling storylines involving MJF in the coming years. Whether he remains a fan favorite or continues to be a despised villain, there is no denying that MJF’s presence adds excitement and intrigue to AEW’s programming.

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In conclusion, MJF’s decision to re-sign with AEW is a significant development in the wrestling world. It puts an end to the speculation about his future and solidifies his commitment to AEW. As fans, we can look forward to witnessing more of MJF’s captivating performances and his ongoing journey as one of the top stars in AEW.