MJF Wrestles At Indie Event, Mark Briscoe On Getting Used To Performing On AEW TV

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MJF had his homecoming at this past weekend’s Create-A-Pro Wrestling event. The reigning AEW World Champion even wrestled Leo Sparrow in an impromptu match.

Sparrow cut a heel promo on the crowd and used MJF’s catchphrase. This led to The Salt Of The Earth coming to the ring, cutting a promo, beating Sparrow, and putting over Create-A-Pro including Brian Myers and Pat Buck. MJF credited Create-A-Pro with his success. He said,


“There’s a dirty rumor about me amongst professional wrestling fans. People say I don’t like to wrestle too much. And, guys, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I love to wrestle, actually. The problem is I don’t like to wrestle in front of disgusting poors in sh*tty states in front of gross AEW fans. There’s only one place I like to wrestle, baby. And it’s the most magical place in the world known as Long Island.

In a recent appearance on the Talk is Jericho podcast, Mark Briscoe spoke about adjusting to wrestling on AEW TV and getting used to shorter matches than he’s used to having.

Mark made his AEW debut earlier this year following the untimely death of his brother Jay.

Mark said, Sometimes I come, and I show up fired up, ready to have a match. You know, go out there and have a 20min banger, but its like ‘oh yeah, you got a pretape tonight, you got a promo,’ and I’m like ‘aw sh**, you’re still on the show.’ It’s not the same as wrestling weekend warriors on the independents, where it’s all about who are you wrestling and how good is the match. This is about week-to-week episodic [storytelling] so that’s something new and it’s something that I’m getting adjusted to, but I’m actually enjoying it because I’m not sore all the time, because it’s not like every single week you’re having a 20-minute match. We’d done everything but mainstream. and now here we are — I saw we because he’s riding with me, he’s rolling with me, he’s right here with me —  so now here we are, weekly episodic TV. I thought I’d done everything there is to be done.”

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