MJF Would Face Jay White To Stop The Comparisons: ‘Nobody’s On My Level’

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MJF Would Face Jay White To Stop The Comparisons: ‘Nobody’s On My Level’


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

MJF is confident that he could be a superstar in the music industry, but he’s focusing on wrestling right now.

In a recent appearance on The Wrestling Perspective, MJF described his background as a singer. Many fans remember his breakout performance in Le Dinner Debonair, but MJF’s singing career dates back to his early years. Many fans remember how MJF sang on the Rosie O’Donnell Show when he was a kid.

“I was an all-state tenor one in high school,” said MJF. “I was in a capella, I was in choir. I also just so happened to be an all-state amateur wrestler and an all –state middle linebacker. So long story short, I got a lot puss, and it was a good ride. As far as bands go, I mean, if I really wanted to, I think I can do what Chris Jericho did. I think, if I really wanted to, I can start my own band and get a couple platinum records going. But as of right now, my sheer focus is on professional wrestling.”

MJF also named two potential opponents he’d be interested in facing. He made it clear that he wants these matches because they would put an end to the fans’ comparisons and speculation.

“I must be tweeted in about 1000 Tweets a day with a guy named Jay White, and I’m getting real sick of it,” said MJF. “Okay, I’m gonna be honest, I have not seen enough of this man’s stuff. But I can tell you this. Nobody’s on my level. So I would like to have that match just to quell any ridiculousness that is these comparisons.

“As far as outside of that sphere goes, a match that I also hear a lot of scuttlebutt about people wanting to see is me versus a gentleman by the name of Adam Cole. As of right now, not a possibility. Could it be in the future? Who’s to say?”

The full video is available here:

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