MJF Sees Your Mark Posts About Fantasy Wrestling Stables, But ‘You Can’t Book Real Life’

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MJF Sees Your Mark Posts About Fantasy Wrestling Stables, But ‘You Can’t Book Real Life’

MJF says he might be in a stable one day and all of the talk is flattering, but right now he’s happy being a “lone wolf” and letting Wardlow learn from him along the way.

MJF recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard and the “Salt Of The Earth” was asked about all of the rumors about him being a potential candidate for the rumored “Horsemen” stable in AEW. He said there’s plenty of stables in AEW now and his singles wrestling record (he was undefeated at the time of this interview) proves why he doesn’t need help, so he’s content taking the path he’s already on.

“Will there be a day, perhaps, that I realize that in order to get a fair shake in this company because there is a lot of lines being drawn in the sand and you don’t want to be the only man on an island alone during a war? Will I have to start talking to Wardlow about us potentially joining a group or starting our own group? Maybe, but as of right now I don’t foresee it happening because I really don’t need any help.”

And as far as the rumors about the Four Horsemen revival, where he’d be the de facto leader of the group? MJF says it’s flattering, but that happens so much that he can’t give his attention to all of it.

“I’m tagged in a lot of these mark posts and you guys like to do your ‘fantasy booking’ as you’d call it, but this is real life. You can’t book real life. I’ve spoken to some of the people you’d think I’d be in a group with and they all seem like sweethearts but like I said, I’m kind of like a lone wolf with the exception of Wardlow. I allow him to be a part of this success train and he’s learning because of me. He learns every single week because of me, I let him pick my brain and one day I think Wardlow, he’s going to be able to put it all together.”

“Yeah, it’s like as the ‘Flair-esque’ potential leader of that group, of course, it’s flattering. But I have to read flattering stuff 24/7, Will. If I had to read everything said that was flattering about me, my eyes would bleed. I would be up 24/7, so it’s—I’m not bending either left or right or backward for it.”

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