MJF Comments On The “Disgusting White Trash Hicks” Who Live In Indiana, Tay Melo News

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AEW wrestler Tay Melo took to Twitter to look back at her wrestling career after she came to the United States in 2016 without even knowing English.

Melo is currently expecting her first child with her husband Sammy Guevara. She is due to give birth later this year. She tweeted,


“I never had so many deep thoughts about my career like now. I love and miss wrestling so much. I arrived in the

🇺🇸 in October 2016, no English and had NEVER watched wrestling before 😂 now for the last almost 7 years I dedicate myself to wrestling and did so many cool things that I’m proud and grateful for.

Etc etc etc ..

I worked for WWE, AEW & AAA.
I know it’s just the beginning and now I’m extra motivated to have everything else. Wrestling changed my life, gave me a purpose and I think everyone should enjoy wrestling 


Taking to Twitter, MJF recalled the year he lived in Indiana and addressed the ‘disgusting poors’ that live in the state. The AEW World Champion wrote,

“When I tried to make a name for myself outside of the northeast indies I reached out to @AAWPro trying to get work. They told me they’d love to book me regularly but I wasn’t worth the flight. So I said what if I lived in the Midwest? they responded with “Lol. Sure” I packed my bags and moved to greenwood, Indiana. I lived in Indiana for a year. The people in Hoosier country are gross disgusting Poors. But they are my gross disgusting Poors. See you white trash hicks tomorrow!”

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