MJF Commends Former Mets Players and Taya Valkyrie Discusses Her Adoption of the Frankie Monet Ring Name in WWE NXT

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During a recent appearance on the Mets’ YouTube channel, AEW World Champion MJF revealed that of all the past members of the New York Mets, Paul Lo Duca and Mike Piazza would have become good wrestlers. He said,

“You know, if I had played baseball, the answer would be yes. But outside of that, if you’re asking me a Met that would have been a good wrestler? Paul Lo Duca was a pretty thick boy. He was a little bulldog. He was pretty thick around the arms, the chest, and the shoulders.”


“So that’s my answer, Paul Lo Duca. Mike Piazza, too, obviously. Another thick, handsome man. Catchers, man. I’d say most catchers [would probably be pretty good wrestlers.]”

On a recent edition of the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast, Taya Valkyrie recalled trying to hold onto the ring name she’d been known as for years before switching to Franky Monet in WWE NXT.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On fighting to keep her ring name in WWE: “I was fighting so hard for Taya Valkyrie. Oh, my god. I went to bat for her over and over again and just kept getting ‘No, no, no.’ Even variations of it. I was going to use my first shoot name and then Valkyrie. I was trying all these different combinations of things because this is who I’ve been for 12 years, almost 13 years. I felt like that’s who the fans know, which made it even harder because I felt like Taya kind of died for a second. She kind of was taken to jail. She was nowhere to be seen. It was crazy.”

On her WWE name being inspired by Claude Monet: “I have been an artist my entire life and it just kind of went along with the artist [Claude] Monet,” Valkyrie said.

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AEW World Champion MJF recently made an appearance on the Mets’ YouTube channel, where he discussed which past members of the New York Mets would have made good wrestlers. According to MJF, Paul Lo Duca and Mike Piazza would have excelled in the world of professional wrestling.

When asked about which Mets player would have been a good wrestler, MJF pointed out Paul Lo Duca’s physical attributes. He described Lo Duca as a “thick boy” with a bulldog-like build, particularly highlighting his arms, chest, and shoulders. MJF also mentioned Mike Piazza as another player who possessed a similar physique and could have transitioned well into wrestling.

MJF’s comments shed light on the potential crossover between professional sports and wrestling. Catchers, in particular, seem to possess the physical attributes that could make them successful in the wrestling ring. Their strength and muscular build, developed from their role behind the plate, could translate well into the physical demands of professional wrestling.

In addition to his appearance on the Mets’ YouTube channel, MJF also recently featured on the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast. During the podcast, Taya Valkyrie discussed her struggle to retain her ring name when she joined WWE NXT. Valkyrie revealed that she fought hard to keep her identity as Taya Valkyrie, but faced repeated rejections from WWE management.

Valkyrie expressed her attachment to the name Taya Valkyrie, as it had been her identity for over a decade in the wrestling industry. She tried various combinations of her real name and the Valkyrie moniker but was met with constant resistance. Valkyrie felt that losing her ring name temporarily made her feel like a different person and was a challenging experience.

Interestingly, Valkyrie’s new WWE ring name, Franky Monet, was inspired by the renowned artist Claude Monet. As an artist herself, Valkyrie found a connection between her artistic background and the name Franky Monet. This new persona allows her to showcase her creativity and artistic side while continuing her wrestling career.

The struggle to retain one’s ring name highlights the importance of identity in professional wrestling. Wrestlers often build their personas and fan bases around their ring names, making it a significant part of their career. Losing or changing a ring name can be a challenging and emotional experience for wrestlers, as it may feel like losing a part of themselves.

In conclusion, MJF’s comments about Paul Lo Duca and Mike Piazza’s potential in wrestling provide an interesting perspective on the crossover between sports and entertainment. The physical attributes of catchers, such as their muscular build, make them suitable candidates for professional wrestling. Additionally, Taya Valkyrie’s experience of fighting to keep her ring name showcases the significance of identity in the wrestling industry. Wrestlers’ ring names often become an integral part of their career and losing or changing them can be a challenging process.