MJF: Cody Is A ‘Wizard of Oz-esque’ Figure ‘Trying To Puppeteer’ Others

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MJF: Cody Is A ‘Wizard of Oz-esque’ Figure ‘Trying To Puppeteer’ Others

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is always happy to talk to everyone who’ll listen about his view of how things work in AEW. Since the beginning of the company, he’s been ready with a microphone and a firey comment or two, whether there’s a camera in front of him or not. Speaking with Bleacher Report earlier this week, MJF continued this trend by pitching the idea that he’s the victim in his current feud with company EVP Cody.

He’s almost Wizard of Oz-esque. You have this big bad wizard, but when they pulled back the curtain, there was just this tiny little feeble, weak man who was trying to puppeteer everybody’s lives for the betterment of his own good and only his own good. That’s Cody.

MJF says that the smile he had when he kicked Cody in the balls was genuine, a feeling of “a thousand million pounds of weight” lifting off his shoulders. “I had to follow this guy around and be his glorified hype man for way too long. And I allowed that to happen because I thought that man cared about me, which he did not. When I broke the chains of slavery and kicked him square in the balls and it felt so good, Jon. Oh my God. It felt so good.”

MJF also touched on his inspirations coming from the legends of the business, something he states he doesn’t share with many of his peers. “For some strange reason, a lot of people in my age demographic don’t want to listen to veterans of this sport. They’d much rather put on their kick pads and do their moonies and their 450s. They’re not trying to learn. They’re not trying to get better. They’re just trying to be cool. I don’t care about being cool… What I care about is making money.”

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