Miro Says ‘The Best Man’ Isn’t A Schtick, It’s Very Fitting And A No-Brainer

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Miro Says ‘The Best Man’ Isn’t A Schtick, It’s Very Fitting And A No-Brainer

Miro says joining All Elite Wrestling was an easy decision and his ‘Best Man’ introduction isn’t far off from who he really is. Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Miro talked about his run with WWE and how going to work had been dreadful, but those feelings are no longer there with AEW.

“There is nothing to be worried about. And I’ve never been worried about anything, even before. It doesn’t matter what people think. I’ve always been happy. Always been happy, just going to work was a bit of a dreadful moment. But now that’s gone, there are no dreadful moments in my life at all.”

Miro went on to explain how signing with AEW came together, noting that he had a chance to go to other companies. He says it really came down to AEW and one other company (he’s been open about wanting to work in New Japan in the future) but All Elite Wrestling brought him in with a purpose and the character he’s playing isn’t too far off from who he really is.

“So I was sitting at home doing my Twitch and we found out they were interested so we got in contact. It didn’t start off great because I had other opportunities, but I knew I didn’t want to go to just any place. I knew I wanted to go two places: AEW and another one. There’s another place that I really want to go and I will go eventually because that’s just how it’s going to happen. So they called me and we talked back and forth and even Chris (Jericho) said when they wanted to bring me in, they wanted to bring me in with a purpose and not to bring me in just to be there. So they came up with the idea with Kip and the best man and I think the best man is so suiting because of everything that I do and I thought it was a great schtick. And it’s not just a schtick, it’s actually fitting because it’s my personality and that’s why it was a no-brainer. Yes, let’s just do that.”

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