Miro On Going Blonde In AEW, How His ‘Gucci Mickey’ Dynamite Duds Came To Be

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Miro On Going Blonde In AEW, How His ‘Gucci Mickey’ Dynamite Duds Came To Be

Miro made it clear that he shut everything down before he made his AEW Dynamite debut last week and that included deciding what his choice of attire would be, only making the final okay two days before he sauntered out into Daily’s Place.

“The Best Man” went on his YouTube channel to answer fan questions and gave some behind-the-scenes details as to how his much-talked about Dynamite attire came to be. Miro happened to be in Los Angeles at the time he decided to go shopping.

“I wanted to spoil myself. I wanted to congratulate myself for the debut but I also wanted to look good on camera. So I look in all the designer stores and I guess they don’t carry sizes bigger than ‘schmedium’ because I guess bigger, jacker, taller people they aren’t wearing designer clothes, I guess, in there minds. So there’s nothing I can do.”

“So what I do, I find two my size one pants, one shirt, but they are all in Miami, FL and I’m in Los Angeles, CA and I’m talking about two days before a debut, once again, I’ve shut everything off and that’s what I do, maybe it’s the wrong thing, but that’s how I operate. I shut everything off. I don’t think about the debut. I don’t think about my clothes, I don’t think about my gear, I don’t think about my bag, I don’t think about anything until the time is right, just because I don’t want to put the extra stress on myself. I don’t wanna get in my head. So with that being said, two days to go and I have no clothes.”

Thankfully for Miro, Lana happens to have a personal stylist so he tries to get him on the hunt.

“So we get him, we get him to go and look for my clothes. He goes to all the designer clothes in LA, not a single one has a [XXL] pants or shirt.” That’s when “The Best Man” had to search Vice City, and lucky for him had a friend named Diego who was willing to make sure he received his Mickey Mouse Gucci just in time for his debut.

“The offer meant so much to me that he would take his whole day away from the family so he could help me. I felt really bad, but Diego was just like, ‘No man, it’s not a big deal at all.’ But I had no other options so I asked him to do it, so I went to the store and got me the shirt, got me the pants and shipped to me and Wednesday morning, everything was there.”

Miro also talked about changing his hair color for Dynamite. He said it was something he wanted to do since dying his hair weeks back and he so happened to have blonde on the brain.

“I like the blonde hair, I wanted to come in looking fresh, I didn’t want to be almost nothing exactly like the old me. I kept the beard because I like the beard, but I wanted to change the hair. What else did we change? Oh yeah, I came much leaner.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can check out Miro’s Q&A session below:

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