‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase Tore The House Down In His First Match With Bret Hart, Wishes They Had An Extended Feud

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Ted DiBiase Tore The House Down In His First Match With Bret Hart, Wishes They Had An Extended Feud

Ted DiBiase has had some memorable moments as the “Million Dollar Man” and faced off with some of the biggest names in wrestling, but one guy he wishes he had a proper run with was Bret Hart.

DiBiase recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of his Virtual Signing Series appearance for ’80s Wrestling Con. When asked if he could pick a match or matches that highlighted who he was as a wrestler, DiBiase called back to the few opportunities he got against the “Hitman”, adding that he wished they would have had time for a proper feud against each other.

“There were a few matches, and I’ve had feuds with several guys, but the one guy that I had just a couple of matches with that I never had the opportunity to have a run with was Bret Hart. As a matter of fact, Bret Hart and I had a match, and this match, I can’t remember if it was on Superstars or [WWF Wrestling] Challenge,” DiBiase said, “but it was in Odessa, Texas, and we just tore the house down.”

The match DiBiase spoke of took place on episode #136 of WWF Wrestling Challenge on March 9, 1989, a contest that drew a great amount of praise from the late Pat Patterson. DiBiase shared his admiration for Patterson and said he and Bret worked so well together that Pat believed they’d done the match many times before, but it was actually the first time they’d ever worked together.

“I came [backstage] and Pat Patterson, who I had the greatest respect for—he’s another guy that had an excellent understanding for the psychology of what we do, and as a matter of fact, if I ever had a question about a finish, a match, if I could get to him, that’s the guy I would go to. And so, he watches this [match] and he says, ‘Man, you guys must be working a lot together. That was fantastic!’ Bret and I looked at each other, then we looked at Pat and I said that’s the first match we’d ever had,” DiBiase said, “We both came from wrestling families and we both came from a style and an understanding of what wrestling is, and that’s what we went out there and did. Bret’s one of those guys that I had a few matches with, but I would’ve really loved to have a run with.”

DiBiase went on to name Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts as another very good opponent and called Ricky Steamboat another guy that he had great chemistry with. DiBiase noted that while he had limited interactions with Steamboat in the ring, he remembers wishing they could go out there and fight every night.

Check out the full interview at the top of this post; you can also still get your own personally signed photos and a shout out from the “Million Dollar Man” himself during tonight’s virtual signing by visiting the ‘80s Wrestling Con website.