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My TNA Wrestler says this plugin is attention-grabbing!! Hello James right here WSI and I'm no longer messing up any intros Mikey let me relate you that for nothing nonetheless thanks very mighty all people for joining us and it is the ECW dilapidated Triple Crown winner himself Mikey whitre with a in point of fact very uncommon interview for the time being thanks very mighty for joining me it's a pleasure to be right here thanks.

For having me nonetheless I in point of fact include a ask how can I be a dilapidated Triple Crown winner both I'm a Triple Crown winner or I'm no longer me int I supposed to claim dilapidated ECW okay dilapidated Champion that rattling it you you you said you weren't going to [__] it up nonetheless I said in case you presumably did [__] it up we need to be definite you AED anyway so now folks know that you just [__] up and.

There it is so that you just're human yes and additionally I'm very idle with the enhancing with oh with the enhancing yes I don't know I would drop that seab bomb so that you just would possibly perchance well well presumably must uh oh God don't don't I I’d Force I me power you to edit by probability if nothing else it gives me an excuse to create a in point of fact Charming or some form of admire bleeping.

Noise that you just don't hear very generally you realize admire you realize admire the Andy Koffman component when he swore on um Letterman and as an different of real admire going beep he went boing or regardless of it used to be you fetch creative as lengthy as you're creative it's gorgeous yeah so who's this foolish man doing the enhancing the grer it's Chris Maddox by the manner he’s your editor for.

This episode madx real just appropriate fortune buddy yes thanks in advance yes so that you just're frigid you're uh that's the first component you said I'm freezing the warmth in my set of industrial is broken and it's [__] frigid in right here so I refuse to set it on a jacket although I create positioned on a hat and I left my airpods dwelling and I in point of fact include a shitty headset so yeah and a.

Migraine so things are going effectively there we walk I won't dispute too loudly I won't shine any lights in your face admire I've obtained to as I said sooner than I fetch a tan with this every single time I create this kind of podcasts with these lights in me Fb I admire this as effectively you seek for you to fetch relief from Mexico holy [__] I.

Know God it's aggressive yes it gape now you include gotten a now you include gotten a huge glare on that book relief there oh ow looks real now yeah I used to be gonna say you point out that wrote Owen har king of pranks written by yours in point of fact thanks very mighty for bringing that up Mikey you're welcome I had you realize I obtained to fetch a PL in gape your your mistake obtained a plugin to your.

Book there you walk I uh I'm going to impeach you a ask now um we include an reply uh effectively uh expectantly you include gotten an reply as effectively wrestling organization online we're going to head there straight away W recreation uh okay so in general right here’s a web uh recreation wrestling recreation um the set you uh derive participant cards Celeb cards and things admire that and you would possibly perchance well well presumably.

Set suits together admire you set a card together and you would possibly perchance well well presumably compete towards folks online and I don't know too too too too too mighty about all the relief discontinuance and the hive blockchain and the crypto piece of it and everything else nonetheless what I create know and what I create admire about it is dwell component it's a in point of fact it's a in point of fact.

Neighborhood- based entirely um platform and there's every form of heaps of [__] that people are hanging on this Hive blockchain they're hanging admire a admire an it's called in Leo which is admire a a Twitter kind platform uh there's PD which is admire a lengthy invent weblog uh kind community and there's all.

Numerous forms of video games on there and there's admire a video streaming uh component on there so that you just would possibly perchance well well presumably quite mighty accomplish the relaxation you’d like on the this blockchain and it's all Neighborhood Primarily based and it's all cool and there's in point of fact unlike typical crypto admire you hear Bitcoin which is real cash based entirely per no cash on nothing.

For some honest I don't I don't in point of fact keep in mind the true fact that both nonetheless this on the least there's some form of one thing on the relief of it um some form of utility um the set it in point of fact is appealing so with the woo piece it's a web video recreation you would possibly perchance well well presumably aquire uh admire I said crates and items and things and you open them and greatly surprised what you're going to.

Receive um we're partnered with uh per Saturn is eager Sunny Ono Terry Reynolds Ernest Miller justincredible uh my weak buddy toiri uh he's all signed on uh and it's cool so that you just derive our participant cards after which admire I said you would possibly perchance well well presumably construct your whole collections after which you would possibly perchance well well presumably predicament up.

Playing cards and suits and play towards other gamers uh and the true component referring to the cardboard component is unlike a frail frail can you say frail about an nft at at this level um it's in point of fact a card that you just believe so that you just believe this participant card with these attributes that say deeri has and you believe it so in case you would possibly perchance well well presumably very effectively be looking to change your.

Tajiri card for a peris Saturn card or sell it so another person can aquire it um admire I said there's utility to it and there's staunch ownership no longer admire say admire the NBA High Shot nfts the set you're real in general shopping for an ESPN video clip that you just in point of fact can't create any the relaxation with nonetheless seek for at on the least with the wo stuff you would possibly perchance well well presumably.

In level of fact play a recreation yeah I I create admire a general management Sim as effectively and all these articulate admire the the weak RPGs and stuff I don't how large of a gamer are you right here you walk no longer you've by no draw been at all no longer in point of fact I point out I've had admire PsXbox nonetheless I by no draw in point of fact admire hey what's the cool man I'll play Madden you realize FIFA ah effectively I'm.

Delighted you talked about FIFA as effectively because with the cards and you shopping for the cards after which you're form of you realize combating with the cards with the wrestlers attributes on them is is extremely FIFA admire uh with the crates and the loots as effectively in that sense I imagine relief in the leisurely ' 80s 90s there used to be a hockey recreation called.

Stratomatic the set you completely had bodily cards that you just’d set your personnel together after which you roll the dice and per the dice and what participant combos you had compared with what that they had would decide on what took set on that particular person play so it used to be it's it's same to that in my seek for yeah which.

Is cool admire I said there's you're in point of fact proudly owning one thing that you just would possibly perchance well well presumably thunder no longer admire an conventional nft the set right here's an image of a frog smoking a cigarette on a mountain real it's there how create you how create you guys how create you guys abet from it um we in point of fact we fetch I imagine we all section they name us.

Partners so the whole companions the whole wrestlers we section in 10% of the earnings of the game and anytime one of our particular cards is supplied we fetch uh 100% of the transaction prices and all that stuff that that goes alongside with it so it's it's cool I admire I said I don't too mighty about it I'm form of present to it um.

However what our our buddy the booker man I won't say his staunch name because I don't know if folks know what his staunch name is Kevin Silva nonetheless yes yes he's the bookerman he waves a huge pencil at me tells me what to claim and when to claim it that's cool so it's woo. recreation is the web web page you would possibly perchance well well presumably examine available in the market's hyperlinks to the Discord and all that real stuff.

On there and in the Discord in case you join the Discord and question questions the community is extremely practical at real spitting out oh attempt create this or walk right here and seek for at this and walk right here and create this so it's if I can decide it out 50 years weak and in point of fact form of okay I form of fetch it um kids looking at this is able to well can create it so additionally you include gotten a Weblog on the hive.

SL Peaks as effectively and I in point of fact be taught by draw of heaps of of them so sooner than um I'm sorry Ken no that's I used to be gonna explain that up too all the so the pakd is is the lengthy invent weblog uh inform that I Ed there would possibly perchance well well be other ones nonetheless Pete these the one I admire um and you would possibly perchance well well presumably construct cash this this the piece that blows my mind so that you just hear.

About making a Weblog and in case you would possibly perchance well well presumably very effectively be looking to predicament up a Weblog you would possibly perchance well well presumably at final monetize your weblog and construct cash suitable that that's all people's purpose after they devise a Weblog and a WordPress and all that stuff nonetheless right here’s admire while you fetch in the community folks real by liking your weblog and in case you admire a Weblog there's definite proportion aspects of your your.

Balloting energy I wager they form of name it um how mighty you would possibly perchance well well presumably designate to that weblog how mighty you admire and the extra you're eager and the extra you fetch into it the extra credibility and the extra uh Energy you include gotten you would possibly perchance well well presumably walk vote increased and increased so admire there are blogs I'm writing that real me and I in point of fact include admire 49 followers.

Presumably that that's making me admire forty five bucks real writing weblog posts you realize so I point out it's it's cool plus you would possibly perchance well well presumably engage with folks you realize and you gape folks on there they're making 10 cents for publish and things admire that nonetheless it doesn't in point of fact rate you the relaxation you're real going on there you're doing all your component after which you're.

Excellent up voting and miniature by miniature you amass quality I wager if in case you would possibly perchance well well presumably very effectively be looking to aquire some of their crypto I wager you would possibly perchance well well presumably amplify your shopping for energy and your voting energy nonetheless for suitable now it's real enjoyable admire I'm working a blog I'm getting stuff out that's stuck in my head and I generally thunder Twitter nonetheless you're form of miniature to what you would possibly perchance well well presumably positioned on Twitter.

As some distance as personality counts and things so right here’s PD I'm kind I'm digging it create you realize I be taught by draw of a few of your weblog posts sooner than we got right here on air and I hadn't realized how mighty I in point of fact left out studying wrestler blogs because since as you say social media's come out the lengthy invent writing is form of presumably no longer died to loss of life nonetheless I I don't in point of fact.

Know too many folks that create it anymore admire new Jack frail to create it I feel Perry satin frail to create it um in point of fact dirty Dutch uh Dutch mantel my podcast partner frail to create it on Fb the whole time after which since we started the podcast the whole legend looked as if it would possibly perchance well in point of fact well real walk in video invent as an different and it's form of slightly of a misplaced artwork real sitting there and.

Playing a weblog publish and one of them that I totally enjoyed that form of tied into I used to be questioning why uh the fellows at woo games saved announcing explain up sheep dick it it'll pop Mikey yes and I used to be admire sheep dick and I used to be admire how am I speculated to explain that up in polite dialog nonetheless then I be taught the weblog publish about your assembly.

With Bobby Heenan so what greater draw to form of birth up this off with a real weak legend about how you met Bobby so I I used to be a huge Bobby henan fan uh even so my introduction Bobby used to be 80 five 86 I wager in WWE and he used to be the weasel he used to be the hideous man he used to be managing Huge John Stud King.

Kong Bunty uh and presumably Paul orndorf for the time being presumably used to be 86 anyway around that time physique and I real discovered myself liking Bob admire I admire this man and my brothers would possibly perchance well well no longer comprehend it my folks they walk how can you admire this admire how can you admire him said I don't know I real I don't know after which.

He would possibly perchance well be on High Time wrestling with gorilla co-web hosting after which he would create wrestling remark co-web hosting with gorilla and later on I seen I walk I admire this man because I real knew that this man used to be [__] real you realize what I point out even though he used to be a heel he form of made it admire an ass of himself and he used to be admire shady nonetheless he would possibly perchance well well by no draw be.

Shady and fetch away with it critically with gorilla and it used to be real admire man admire I real admire this man so grew to turn into a huge Bobby Heenan fan then real the commentary with the onliners and everything real [__] unbelievable so when I went to WCW and I obtained to meet him and introduce myself and he requested me he said so your.

Closing name is whipwreck I walk yes sir he goes hm sheep dick okay so so we so we had the Met Kidman come relief and I used to be chatting with Taz I feel it used to be Taz or my brother I forget which one it used to be and so if I say Taz or my brother in the legend it would possibly perchance well in point of fact well very effectively be one of many opposite nonetheless I'm quite definite it used to be Taz that said to me Bobby Heen.

Called you sheep dick he used to be having fun with alongside with your name on a typical basis because Bobby requested can I play alongside with your name I said mind you would possibly perchance well well presumably create regardless of you [__] need admire I don't give I don't care you're speaking about me admire I don't care what you say and Taz goes He brother he called you sheep dick on [__] I said what so when I saw Bobby.

Later I said hey Bobby I said you realize thanks for you realize commentary for the interval of the match thanks for that I said did you name me sheep dick he goes oh I didn't say sheep dick walk you were tonight you were lamb penis Jes I wager he didn't are looking to admit that he called me sheep dick um nonetheless yeah he played my name it used to be.

[__] real admire unbelievable is this real did he real take a shin you straight away because I point out from studying the weblog publish on hi there by the manner I'll set the hyperlink up for all and sundry that he the manner you write it he real for regardless of honest real took a shine to you straight away he yeah and we didn't focus on plenty you realize we didn't.

Dangle out you realize what I point out it used to be real when I would gape him you comprehend it used to be real silly haha and a large smile at any time when I saw him and you comprehend it obtained some extent the set I'd in point of fact would give him a hug when I saw him and I only saw him 10 cases 15 admire it wasn't plenty because I didn't work there I point out I used to be there for practically.

A Twelve months nonetheless I'd only a handful of [__] suits and yeah it used to be real large and I've had real component I in point of fact include real things in my wrestling profession the stuff with KAG the stuff with Steve Austin to Jerry all that real [__] nonetheless one of many ultimate highlights of my profession is used to be the night time after the bash in the beach with that.

Junkyard Invitational match the set all people obtained [__] ruin uh I had a concussion I used to be wrestling Steve Regal on Nitro and I had no design what the [__] used to be going on and I'm strolling around the ring and Bobby stood up and shook my hand on TV and I'm considering to myself please God.

Let that be on camera and I'm considering to myself he doesn't create that admire he doesn't admire come up and admire Shake folks's fingers you realize what I point out it's admire he wasn't there so for me I'm considering real he real form of in a intention set me over on TV by shaking my hand so I used to be [__] admire [__] giddy con cust is all hell nonetheless [__].

Giddy effectively you man to fetch off camera on the least uh which episode used to be this on because I know any individual's going to take a gape at and get it create you endure in mind whenever I feel it used to be in Memphis it used to be night time after the The Bash on the beach so when we did that junkard Invitational on that Sunday it used to be the.

Next day on Nitro suitable so in case you seek for on the date you'll have the option to make your mind up it out I used to be G to claim detectives fetch available in the market and and take a gape at and get it and fetch fetch a present somebody snag me some somebody snagged me a in point of fact real gift of it or a screenshot because anytime I tried to fetch one it used to be blurry yeah nonetheless this used to be relief in the day on videotape oh.

So in case you quit it he doing admire that anyway yeah it's admire in point of fact blurry and shitty it's no longer admire now you real quit it it's admire freezes clearly create you realize speaking about Bobby and right here’s 1999 we're speaking as effectively at any level did you focus on over with him did he real seem wrathful with WCW because I imagine towards the discontinuance he real wasn't.

Delighted being there he suggested me he he said he goes he goes sheep dick he goes he said this set used to be a sinking ship he said in case you would possibly perchance well well presumably fetch out fetch out he goes nonetheless until then on on on the 1st and the 15th of the month real fetch your.

Paycheck he goes nonetheless this set is a sinking ship I said you imagine so he goes they fabricate no longer include any design what the [__] they're doing I said oh okay after which yeah after which a Twelve months later it used to be uh wasn't even that lengthy after that it used to be presumably two months leisurely because that.

Used to be a when did I gape him the Immense American B it used to be a large American B Ash in Baltimore when I wrestled Van Hammer for some God unknown honest uh that's what he suggested me it used to be a sinking ship that real fetch your examine and fetch out after which admire two minutes later Eric obtained fired they brought Russo in after which and.

It in point of fact form of went from the set it went to the set it went oh man I frail to glimpse I frail to glimpse every because we couldn't fetch uncooked on the time because admire it needed to be on Sky Sports and that you just realize that used to be admire HBO you realize for you guys that used to be a large pay wall so I used to be a a WCW avid.

Watcher on the time and yeah you would possibly perchance well well presumably gape week to week you would possibly perchance well well presumably gape week to week you realize I didn't know the relaxation referring to the on the relief of the scenes stuff nonetheless real presumably it's real the pushing of David Flair for me that I knew one thing used to be going slightly coarse so for me what what made me leave used to be they set the cruiserweight belt on Evan.

Mettlesome so that used to be extra offensive than Oklahoma or admire Medusa effectively this used to be sooner than that oh okay I don't used to be Medusa I don't know if Medusa used to be there nonetheless it used to be sooner than Oklahoma for definite and I real endure in mind focus on I my design used to be when when I went relief to ECW and I did my Purgatory there and and paid my.

Dues again for Paul would birth up the usage of me in in a higher predicament my design used to be all the devil component with a redhair loopy Mikey to head with Jimmy Hart in the Dungeon of Doom because Jimmy requested me if I would mind if he would possibly perchance well be my supervisor because Jimmy wanted to fetch to the Cruiserweight stuff I wager or.

Irrespective of whatever the honest used to be Jimmy requested if that would possibly perchance well be one thing I would possibly perchance well be into and I said [__] [__] [__] yes Jimmy Hart [__] pal of Hogan admire [__] Jimmy Hart I don't even care admire real [__] managed by Jimmy Hart yeah so I used to be gonna create the crimson hair loopy [__] Mikey at that level and so they didn't walk with me and Jimmy at all and I.

Remember announcing to per Saturn um I feel I are looking to create this he goes don't create it I said why no longer he said because they're no longer going to create the relaxation with you it's gonna be the identical component you real wreck this new seek for on them I said oh okay uh so I used to be going nowhere no longer getting the relaxation and I used to be looking at Evan who looked admire a [__] million.

Bucks nice enough man nonetheless he wasn't very real to be suitable and he used to be blowing spots left and suitable and real wasn't any real after which they set the cruiserweight belt on him and my head exploded that's when that that used to be when I went relief and and used to be in the stage of I are looking to work I are looking to fetch a push I need I need this I you realize I gave a.

[__] at that level as an different of traumatic about real getting cash I used to be jumpy about construct you realize in point of fact wrestling and that's when I said that's enough and I called Taz and who's soundless in ECW I said Taz I'm quitting [__] this yeah my head exploded because they set the belt on this unfortunate kid and I used to be.

Very offended create you comprehend it's in point of fact in point of fact suave component that Perry said to you there don't wreck a brand new seek for because in case you return to ECW with a brand new seek for you then're a entirely refreshed personality and W and the WCW walk is effectively cancell and quite mighty yeah that used to be it yeah that some in point of fact.

CL nonetheless right here's the component if I had stuck it out and waited for Vince Russo to fetch there presumably nonetheless I had no design Vince Russo used to be coming in you realize what I point out so some distance as I knew it used to be the discontinuance of August ninety 9 and it used to be it used to be what it used to be so I figured right here’s no longer going to head anyplace so right here’s form of over we are able to uh if we've obtained the time by the manner oh I.

Didn't relate you this both I said um and this is able to well well very effectively TI to the next ask I'm going to impeach you I said to the WSI subscribers throw us some questions anyway we obtained admire a pair of hundred you one ask I yes did you fetch on the least one ask a real couple hundred so I needed to whittle shut the [__] up couple yeah I needed to Whitt I had.

To whittle this script down to pages so so we've obtained enough forus uh we're at one one3 of uh web page one I’d must come relief relief I'll create the ultimate hits model after which if there's uh you realize if there's any desire to come relief relief I'll I'll uh positively enable you to nonetheless uh a whole lot of folks wrote this in anyway.

In level of fact that's what I used to be going to fetch out so when I said Mike's coming on give us some questions I frail the portray of you uh 2K16 and the WWE recreation and I believed any individual I believed a fan had made it because I'd stopped having fun with the WWE games for years after which hundreds of oldsters had written in.

Asked Mikey about being in the game after which I it clicked and I remembered that you just were in admire the Steve Austin uh form of admire history chronology what create you name it my profession or one thing admire that with Steve Austin and what a intention to fetch into the game I had realize that you just were in there admire.

Entirely out of nowhere I fetch this cell phone name from that used to be Tag Carano one one of many fellows and I'm admire hey right here’s you realize who so and so from from WWE I'm admire hey what's up I'm going okay there's obtained to be [__] admire I don't I in point of fact include by no draw called them for a job I've.

By no draw the relaxation anytime any anybody's finished everything it's been they name me which is abnormal as [__] three cases I feel they've C let's gape they called me for the two ECW pay-per-views they called me one time for uh to be a speaking head for Community [__] they were filming you imagine twice for that after which this video recreation component.

And I'm admire yeah okay how create you would possibly perchance well well presumably very effectively be looking to construct so cash I said definite what create I in point of fact must create and so they walk real be aware your name said I’d [__] create that and so they suggested me it used to be about you realize the the game they were creating used to be per Steve Austin's profession and that used to be a large piece of his profession and I said let's I said I said let's no longer fetch carried away.

I used to be no longer a large piece of Steve Austin's profession he used to be a large piece of mine nonetheless I used to be a [__] hiccup for for him you realize what I point out and yeah and that that used to be it after which they [__] set me in the game because I had um Trent Beretta I educated Trent Beretta and.

Mike Mondo who Mikey from the Spirit Squad they were doing the motion solid for the game and so they suggested me he goes effectively you ought to include signed your contract because they’ve us doing all your whole moves I said what laying down laying down nonetheless nonetheless yeah that used to be it man it used to be it used to be cool as [__] you realize and it's it's it's silly that that match towards.

Steve Austin has made me extra cash than the relaxation else so him coming in 95 and I I wager we're going to leap around slightly bit nonetheless me being a large fan of his even when he used to be in uh used to be it world class or World I forget the set he used to be nonetheless when he first started global global no it used to be world class oh with um.

He did create World as effectively although after which he went WCW nonetheless he used to be in uswa at some level as effectively I feel wherever he used to be he used to be with Chris Adams he used to be doing stuff with Chris Adams that's when I saw it and massive fan after which presumably in global nonetheless wcw's when I'm admire oh [__] this gu is [__] unbelievable admire I [__] esteem this man after which he got right here to.

ECW after which Paul said oh yeah you're gonna work with uh Steve Austin subsequent month I misplaced my [__] admire holy [__] right here’s [__] right here’s unbelievable so would include [__] lose to Steve Austin cool admire I don't give a [__] you realize what I point out admire large and we we fetch there that night time of the of the match and Steve goes okay kid Suns.

Talked about flip hook the tights I'm going what he goes so that's the create I said you're hooking my tights admire I'm admire you're beating me with a sunet flip admire it does construct he goes no I'm hanging you over I said I said you're [__] ried me I'm admire fetch the [__] out of right here goes no I'm serious he goes I'm no longer you.

Know no offense nonetheless me beating you used to be no longer in point of fact gonna create the relaxation said I don't and I don't order I'm sticking around very lengthy you realize so let let me set you over you set to working I'm admire holy [__] admire okay prefer to for the time being any anytime I feel admire oh you're gonna in discovering the the TV belt your first belt ever from pitpull yeah [__] rib.

No [__] draw after which you're gonna lose it to Jason oh after which a month later you're gonna personnel with Cactus Jack changing Terry Funk shut the [__] up you're [__] ribbing me and now the stuff with with with Steve and the component with Steve am I leaping around admire loopy right here I feel I'm leaping around don't you are considering that you just you realize.

That is right here’s free invent you realize right here’s off say what you say so R long gone real from a program with the S man and hack would name everything a to [__] Z admire everything in between every miniature Nuance hit with the cane one two three stick for admire you realize what I point out admire every miniature component down after which I work.

With Steve and he says Sun said flip Hoke the tights admire uh okay that's that's that's what we're doing admire I'm admire okay I'm frail to selling and getting beat up because I used to be a beat up man for some time so I'm admire that's straightforward you realize okay I'm gonna fetch the [__] kicked out of me by Steve and real.

He'll name Sundown and we'll walk dwelling effectively we we walk to fetch into the ring and he's telling me to fetch out of the ring suitable real when it starts he goes fetch ring I'm going create I fetch out no longer fetch out it's admire is he in point of fact telling me to fetch out because he wants me to fetch out is he working telling me to fetch out.

Trying me no longer to fetch out so now I'm mind [__] I fabricate no longer include any design what the [__] is going on so I form of walk and I form of half fetch in I form of fetch out after which he jumps me beating the [__] out of me after which he gives we're on the ground and he gives me the Iggy to reverse so I reverse him into the guard rail and he says take.

Over I had no design what to create I I actually I walk the [__] am I gonna create admire I don't I don't know what to create admire I real I I real entirely froze up had no design are you going by draw of being Important person Struck on the identical time as all right here’s going on no I wasn't no I wasn't Important person Struck I.

Used to be in point of fact because he used to be beating the [__] out of me because he he'll throw he'll throw some [__] punches safely nonetheless you realize he's you realize he's there you realize what I point out and I real didn't know admire what admire I didn't know what to create admire I real in point of fact didn't didn't include the journey to on the the cruise to.

Accomplish [__] and the relaxation I would in point of fact create I form of would must relate him forward of time form of and I'm real admire I don't I don't are looking to dive on him because he real got right here relief from touring his triceps so I don't so I rolled him relief in the ring and I'm form of stomping him in the nook and I feel he in the end real said okay enough.

And he said reverse stun gun so we did a reverse got right here relief and he stun gunned me after which from there nonetheless yeah [__] unbelievable and admire I said him real being entirely unselfish and real being as [__] and all about commercial obtained me a huge in discovering for me and you realize has made me extra cash and I fetch requested this ask the whole.

Time how's it in point of fact feel beating Steve Austin it sucking unbelievable it doesn't sound admire you're sick of speaking about it both man I point out it's large admire I'm speaking I'm partly chatting with you lately due to the Steve Austin otherwise he did this he did a pair things with because I'm linked with with Steve.

In this draw the identical with cactus you realize I'm real linked with these two guys it's real it's helped me out so some distance as staying considerably I wouldn't say relevant nonetheless known create create you imagine real very swiftly real on the game itself create you imagine that Steve Austin requested you to be in the game fetch you a Payday that form of.

Element or used to be that one thing from at some level of the 2K folks that brought you on I wouldn't be greatly surprised if he did nonetheless I don't know couldn't uh couldn't in point of fact relate you now I'm I'm going to skip forward right here since you talked about Steve Austin so we had obviously heaps of uh folks writing in with it Ken discontinuance says.

What used to be the experiences with Steve Austin quite mighty used to be he a real man or a jerk plus one thing referring to the stunner that we'll fetch to at one other level nonetheless basically he sounds admire all about commercial real man unbelievable real [__] real a real dude admire Texas [__] redneck real.

Came in loved the commercial wanted to create commercial wasn't selfish and used to be real [__] unbelievable admire unbelievable will you include gotten a exhibit with any of the interviews he did I don't because oh so that you just were on the relief of the camera in point of fact looking at all these yeah unbelievable which of them fing real all of them real real him doing the when he first got right here.

In uh he did admire the Hulkamania promo he used to be on a stairwell or one thing it's admire this admire you real gape the chis admire man that used to be awesome admire it used to be it's [__] cheesy as hell he's doing [__] Hulk Hogan nonetheless it's [__] he's making enjoyable of Hulk Hogan so it's real [__] cool as [__] you realize you would possibly perchance well well presumably.

Excellent relate that admire the Charisma admire when he did the um I don't know if I used to be there for the the Monday nightquil one I don't know if I used to be the room for that one nonetheless real real it it real appears so straightforward it's real admire pure admire oh obtained promo okay and he went and it in point of fact it in point of fact used to be it did seem admire the initiating of the Stone.

Cool personality because admire he used to be form of organising that admire I don't give a [__] kind perspective uh in ECW after which he went grew to turn into the ring grasp after which it form of obtained muted slightly bit um after which he real [__] exploded with Steve additionally with the ECW walk he appears by draw of about four heaps of haircuts in the recognition of about.

3 months cuz it used to be admire large lengthy Hogan Whittle down Whittle down until he had admire buzz nick so that you just would possibly perchance well well presumably continually you would possibly perchance well well presumably relate by the week which week it is without needing you realize without appealing what exhibit it is yeah yeah I I labored him that the 2nd match we had the three-draw with Sandman um which I hated that match is.

That November to endure in mind the one after yeah November used to be the one-on-one with Steve after which we got right here relief the next month with three-draw I I I hat that hated it admire it real didn't didn't in point of fact feel suitable admire I'm real admire it real didn't click for me um nonetheless.

He had the he had the he shaved his head after that were calling a Wooded arena Gump and going GE son of a [__] real did you always know I point out you alluded to it sooner than announcing I don't know if he used to be going to be right here for a in point of fact lengthy time nonetheless used to be it continually known that this used to be a transient cease for him or used to be he ever.

Planning to construct it presumably a Twelve months at ECW or one thing admire that I don't know because I feel I believed when Cactus got right here in he used to be going to be there admire two months when he first got right here in he used to be soundless with WCW after which he quit WCW which is noce in and so they I feel they set the designate belts on him after he gave his scrutinize.

Which used to be outlandish nonetheless I believed Cactus used to be only gonna be around for couple months after which he'd be long gone nonetheless he used to be around for admire practically two years so admire I couldn't gape Steve sticking around admire I would include [__] loved for him to stay around nonetheless there's no draw this man stick around admire they're gonna scoop this man.

Up now I teed you up with this ask beforehand and since we're speaking about Steve Austin you realize what's coming who invented the stunner all that form of component and you said effectively it relies how I in point of fact feel whether I'm going to present the utter reply or no longer on this nonetheless um suitable so I'll relate you what I feel after which you relate me I'm.

Imperfect and relate me the set I've long gone entirely coarse you invented the stunner the set you sit down the set you sit down down on your posterior and I imagine it's from the 2nd rope the whipper snapper I imagine that you just invented positively off the 2nd rope nonetheless I believed you invented the one the set you completely sit down down comparatively than an ace Crusher or what.

Michael Hayes used to be doing which used to be extra of admire a uh entrance face lock after which all people lands on their relief and entrance form of order am I entirely coarse okay half and half half and half so what the the the Whipper snpp the one I did used to be off the center rope which gave the impression admire a real recommendation on the.

Time having a gape relief no longer uh to mighty nonetheless I obtained the stunner from Jimmy Garvin he got right here to he used to be he used to be he used to be long gone from WCW for some time after which he got right here relief on a random pay-per-seek for I feel towards Johnny B hideous he had he had been a pilot at that level he had shaved his head and.

He got right here randomly out of [__] nowhere uh and he did a switch to Johnny hideous the stunner and he called it the 911 I saido I feel I'm going to rob that I feel I'm G to thunder that and so that's the set it got right here from that used to be the origins of the stunner for me real so whenever in case you seek for up.

Every time Jimmy Garvin Russell Johnny be hideous with a shaved head he did the 911 so I started the usage of it I said [__] I'm gonna birth up the usage of it effectively Steve started the usage of the stunner at a reference at a at a recommendation from Michael Hayes I I don't know if used to be admire the ace.

Crusher he used to be getting it from or regardless of or he saw Jimmy create it to Johnny be hideous or whatever the [__] it used to be so both draw you seek for at this the stunner the whipper snapper can all be credited to the Free Birds there you walk we you talked about Johnny B hideous as effectively I interviewed him.

The day earlier to this of all things oh did you I did he's he's deliriously happy that fell let me relate you um WCW Halloween Havoc 1991 it says 91 holy [__] does that sound suitable cuz I soundless design he had lengthy hair at Level budy I don't know I I real I real endure in mind I used to be on the ECW school um obtained there sooner than all people.

Else and used to be reasonable at tapes and one of many things I picked up used to be real Halloween havoc and used to be reasonable at it and so it totally would possibly perchance well well were 1991 there you walk effectively you I point out you fetch plump credit partial credit you you fetch some form of credit for traditional popularizing the switch if nothing else after which Steve Austin folks say Steve.

Austin took overview and that form of component nonetheless whoever invented I don't know sorry I don't know the right I don't know the right timeline of who's who who did it first or what nonetheless the whole free birds so admire admire everything else I stole it there's nothing admire ninety 9% of the moves used to be stolen were borrowed I'm happy.

You talked about that because heaps of oldsters seem to include finished the stunner afterwards I've written slightly list right here of adaptations of so Kevin Owens does the stunner Grayson Waller does some form of admire he rolls into the ring after which hits a stunner uh Ryback does some form of defense power press right into a stunner or he did anyway orange Cassidy.

And the stun Dog Millionaire there's admire a million heaps of adaptations of it now include you ever obtained any as one of many forefathers of the stunner maneuver let's name you that if nothing else uh which of the stylish versions of the stunner or the folks that create the stunner create admire the one the one I admire least is the one.

John Cena would create yes I'd written that that springboard component yeah yeah that would possibly perchance well be the worst um no longer the one is it Steve auson did it the one yeah completely we're going to switch on B uh the BC 313 has requested uh Mikey can I question you about your recollections of being in the crowd for the first ever Monday Night time.

Raw loved it so yeah so it used to be general admission and it used to be we had no design what to impeach because it used to be the first one we didn't know the relaxation and me and my chums we took the practice in from Prolonged Island to Penn Location um walked a pair blocks to the Prolonged island Center which is upstairs from the.

Hammerstein Ballroom for those of you questioning same building and yet we waited open air for hours and hours and hours in the frigid in January freezing um they open the doorways and we [__] deigned it you needed to head we ran up the steps I feel that you just can include taken the elevator or the steps I'm no longer.

Definite which one we took nonetheless we endure in mind strolling into the room and it used to be the first dwell TV taping I'd ever been to um everything else used to be on the nasau Coliseum or the garden real Condominium reveals um and real working and endure in mind chatting with the folks in point of fact Vlad you realize Vladimir that's that used to be my subsequent ask did you ever meet Vladimir yeah.

Okay yes so Vladimir used to be there and he said yo guys you would possibly perchance well well presumably very effectively be looking to be on camera walk at some level of from the camera so that you just'll gape the camera predicament up walk reverse there I said okay so because we were real gonna walk fetch the entrance we didn't [__] know the set and due to the Vlad screamed walk over there we went to to the center Camp it used to be unbelievable entrance row we we brought.

Belts that my pal Mike Norman had produced from uh he would walk to Love Home Depot or Lowe's admire a dwelling enchancment store and he would aquire kick plates for the bottom of a of a door admire the entrance door you realize admire the gold the bronze or regardless of and he would actually nick them out and engrave them and layer them he' aquire silver ones and gold ones and he.

Would construct belts which relief in the day the belts we had were [__] sick because heaps of oldsters oh they made a belt with cardboard and aluminum foil and is it nonetheless yeah we had legitimate admire he would he supplied admire low-rate leather-based entirely and he would construct admire leather-based entirely straps for them these items were Deluxe for relief.

In 1991 92 93 things were freaking Deluxe yeah did you construct it in the first row or the 2nd first row first row and additionally real first I'm sorry no for the F for the first uncooked we were in the entrance row I feel we went relief a pair weeks later and we were admire presumably row relief nonetheless yeah first one we were in the entrance row I.

Don't I set a clip of that an image of me hey right here I am that's what that's precisely what reminded me of it yeah so I went by draw of your Twitter beforehand and you've obtained a 3 2nd gift of Hugo with a in point of fact goodlook belt I point out admire for for relief in the day I point out my pal Mike did an implausible job with him it took him I.

Can't days and weeks of real painstakingly real making these items it used to be freaking unbelievable we name them threshold strips right here you realize the the gold strips between the doorway to preserve the carpet down form of component I don't know what you'd name them nonetheless anyway that's the name we would thunder for effectively no no those.

Are thresholds too nonetheless these were kick plates in point of fact admire 8 hobble I don't know admire this mighty okay by admire the width of a door and we walk on the entrance of a door and so they name them kick plates so because in case you open a door you include gotten packages you kick the door open yeah you don't mess up your door you kick this kick plate except for.

Vlat you realize there's be admire Religion no mo man and vlad's pal who's in every single set with him and you realize and all that form of component create you endure in mind a man in the early uncooked tapings Who would wear a yellow t-shirt that real said Bob relief wwwf Champion yep who used to be that man he used to be there for months it I he used to be real Bob backin man I don't I don't I don't.

Pronounce I ever formally met him in point of fact um nonetheless yeah he wanted Bob backin and I'm so upset I used to be by no draw around when Bob Ashley got right here relief because I'm guarantee that man misplaced his [__] I I feel I'm seeking to order Bob backlin returned on the discontinuance of 92 so that would include real been when he used to be turning relief up again I feel used to be he.

Help already yeah I feel presumably relief already okay spry 4 he esteem he both draw he Lov Bob Backle I used to be I used to be admire it relief in the day used to be admire he's 41 years weak and speaking admire he's obtained one foot in the grave and you realize he's broken down he's 40 41 I point out no one even gets a vital tournament slotting WWE and list your 40s for the time being how cases include.

Modified yeah no kidding relief when I started looking at guys admire you realize hyper and orndorf and all these guys they were of their mid-30s after they hit admire the huge time admire I point out I know Hogan that they had one other stuff nonetheless after they were on TV fetch their their initial push they were all of their.

Mid-30s effectively per which is loopy guys guys now of their early 20s are getting their large push yeah with the Vince what what did Vince say to Hulk Hogan he used to be Hulk Hogan used to be 38 Vince MCM he used to be 38 and Hulk Hogan used to be washed up oh Vince oh sorry he doesn't exist anymore yeah Jesus Christ yeah 38 washed up same with.

Savage yeah yeah you guys are too weak fabulous it's a form of effectively you realize the extra I order the the the agenda the you realize the quantity of dates all people works yearly is plenty much less so I point out there's obtained some preservation for the time being how many this isn't the relaxation to create with the scripts.

I'm real involved with ECW how many suits would you on the whole battle a week because I don't order you ever ran weekday did you used to be it only weekends generally real weekends so on occasion we would create admire a Thursday Friday Saturday generally we would create a Friday Saturday Sunday so it used to be generally two days a week generally.

Three we I'll relate you what I'm going to impeach you two extra sets of questions then we're going to fetch into slightly recreation that um that I've I've uh forced folks to create on these interviews many cases over nonetheless uh these are questions I'm definite that you just've heard many cases sooner than nonetheless uh oh God me and my glass lack of.

Glasses I'm sorry I tousled your name uh the set did you fetch the dragon t-shirt uh I had that same shirt and obtained it from an exterior flea market quite mighty the identical my pal again Mike Norman the fellow who made the belts uh he obtained me that shirt for Christmas one he so oh it's a fab shirt for John he'd admire it and that used to be it so after they.

Asked me to battle I used to be admire 70 kilos and I used to be [__] itsy-bitsy so I'm admire I gonna wear a shirt and that's what I had I borrow a pair of crimson shorts from Donnie Allen I had my sneakers and that Dragon shirt so that's what it used to be north of nashira has.

Asked create you continue to include that original shirt I create no longer that component admire disintegrated that component used to be ripped to [__] shredded I don't include mighty of the relaxation at all oh in point of fact heaps of [__] real obtained obtained thrown out no having a gape relief that used to be no longer a PR foolish a foolish man threw all this [__] away admire there's there's these tops.

Buying and selling cards when I used to be in WCW I already left and Topps sent me 500 of these baseball cards to be aware and send relief I said effectively [__] you I don't work there anymore so I'm [__] preserving them and I signed a bunch and gave to my chums I used to be real giving them out of my chums right here hey he's a fab right here after which admire 450 of them went right into a.

Dumpster oh and obtained thrown out used to be this admire with a condo switch or one thing or you real no I real yeah I used to be I used to be I used to be in a single of my [__] moods I'm admire [__] this [__] this admire I don't need this [__] and my buddy Chris who labored at Topps he said yo what' you ever create with those cards I said I [__] threw them out he looked at me admire a a gasoline I.

Talked about what he said in case you create you include gotten any design how mighty cards those would possibly perchance well be price if in case you would possibly perchance well well presumably held them for admire 20 30 years I what you speaking about it he goes okay one of their autograph cards I said and two they were made so they're formally made for that predicament of WCW cards and any collector who wants a whole.

Living has to include yours because otherwise it's no longer a whole predicament even in case you by no draw sent them relief they exist I walk son of a [__] so yeah so I gape now I gape him I gape him walk browsing I discovered admire seven of them one time at my folks condo and I feel I suggested him admire 300 bucks a pop so gape so 450 time 300 yeah [__] I [__].

Up hang on are we speaking six figur I'm seeking to order effectively the component is that if if there used to be only 450 they wouldn't be price as mighty since you the market would possibly perchance well be slightly extra saturated so because it's only nonetheless they would well be released nonetheless they would well be released on my my agenda I gape so that you just you would possibly perchance well well presumably bleed that's very suave real bleed them.

Out over the direction of you realize Valentine's Day suitable one thing admire that now you walk forward obtained 450 of them come aquire them hey I in point of fact include five for sale and appealing me in the future which would possibly perchance well well real Ro right into a hearth oh don't say that include you ever saved the relaxation at some level of your profession of um even sentimental rate even though it.

Doesn't include any admire collectors rate I in point of fact include a pair original 8 by10 from ECW it's a Triple Crown one it's obtained me with the designate belts with cactus the TV belt and the field title I in point of fact include a pair quite mighty 8 by10 it's quite mighty all I in point of fact include original stuff would you create you sell the relaxation I point out would possibly perchance well well hotfoot.

Other things right here nonetheless create you sell any s of signed ECW memorability now form of component up real no longer effort with no I in point of fact include some I real include I in point of fact include admire an store the set 8 by10 no longer original ones real 8 by10 up that individuals can aquire nonetheless that's quite mighty it presumably some shirts shirt designs I don't know I I don't listen admire I fetch invoices that hey.

We printed the shirt for you and regardless of yeah okay I don't even seek for I don't even know what what quantity of cash's in there I real real since you talked about shirts uh Jared create I can't be taught the names we're in very gentle blue right here what used to be your licensed shirt to wear to the ring.

Um no longer admire a fave it's form of admire I would real throw a bunch in my fetch and regardless of would come out I did admire I had an all over the set print Aussie shirt that I wore towards cactus that uh that I liked I admire that real a typical shirt admire those other ones I would by no draw wear in public admire real no longer my no longer my component in the initiating the dragon shirt I presumably.

Would include frail um nonetheless as soon because it form of grew to turn into my component admire I'm admire I'm no longer gonna wear Dragon shirts in public it looks slightly now folks wear their believe shirts the whole time relief then I believed it' be I'd be form of laymor in my gimmick shirt in public admire it's GNA it I trying to search out.

Attention did you introduce Brian pilman to the uh yes Mikey shirts let's name them yes yep he uh some need the eyeball forget the official name nonetheless liquid blue makes all these shirts so liquidblue.com they’ve all these form of shirts that you just've viewed me wear um he saw the eyeball shirt and suggested me it used to be.

Wintry I said right here so I I gave him one um because I had admire four of them and yeah he liked it after which started carrying it so I wager he went and obtained his believe since the one I'd gape him wear used to be no longer the one I gave him since the one I gave him used to be um slightly extra frail if you’re going to gonna say ring War it used to be Ring War yes and it looked.

Dilapidated he liked it anyway you realize yeah because in the WWF admire portray shoots from 96 when he over there he used to be carrying that shirt in heaps of him as effectively so he uh he gave him his just appropriate fortune positively he gave Ryan pilman his just appropriate fortune seek for at that because we were speaking about merch God I I preserve announcing this forget what that's on the scripts I'm.

Excellent going to impeach what I'm attracted to now uh what used to be your first piece of official merchandise except for 8 by 10s there used to be a shirt and it would possibly perchance well in point of fact well say helped me on it I feel in crimson and blue regardless of helped me it had me having a gape up doing this [__] worst shirt of all [__] time how many did he sell and I hated that.

[__] shirt and Spike Dy we wear it the whole time you [__] trolling me you [__] how many how many did you sell in the discontinuance three three I feel the whole spike I feel the whole spike uh I used to be going to impeach you realize the royalties that ECW used to be paying in the event that they in.

Did in the event that they certainly did pay royalties for the relaxation for the time being yeah royally [__] yeah I additionally create a a weekly totally bi-weekly generally podcast with Shane Douglas and he used to be chatting with me referring to the um the figures from used to be it San Francisco toy makers the original San Francisco toy makers or regardless of and.

I feel Paul Hayman had in general said that he owned the rights to all people's likeness and name and ECW and he paid royalties to no person for those two sets of figures sequence of figures sounds suitable sounds about suitable were you in the games I by no draw had one made him me so I didn't uh oh I believed I believed you I fetch screwed on that deal.

Oh I used to be going to claim I believed you were one of them in the in the sequence so no then I'm coarse no no were you in the games the 2nd one and I made the identical that shanon dou used to be made for SE decide will you attach me asking that ask on the least I'm going to uh I'm going to switch on to the final of this predicament.

Of questions that all people used to be uh asking about and any individual include written it in point of fact effectively there's about eight heaps of versions of the right same ask let me real include a gape any individual had requested what used to be uh what used to be your objection to uh Leonard Cohen that used to be [__] dreadful that used to be my.

Objection it it used to be so I used to be traveling with Cactus and we’d aquire music obviously in the auto and we were utilizing down Interstate 80 and I set in a Sunless Sabbath or an Aussie Osborn said and he looked [__] a gast that I I had this in I what goes Mikey we had on Leonard Cohen and you you set in the.

The unsuitable satanic voices of ozie osar so he actually ejects my cassette and throws it out the window and he puts in relief Leonard Cohen now I don't know if folks include uh listened to Leonard Cohen uh it's no longer precisely a beat it's no longer precisely for me one thing utilizing down the avenue um it's going to preserve you.

Going on a 300 mile drive nonetheless it used to be [__] dreadful and Mikey you will must fancy the gorgeous lyrics of Leonard Cohen as include utilizing down in Instruct 80 seek for on the beautiful Topple Foliage and the Dazzling Mikey nature you’d like.

To you include gotten to fancy nature I'm going Jesus now he wasn't in point of fact doing the cactus order I real create it because if I'm telling a cactus legend I can't real focus on admire this because it's no longer as thrilling I used to be goingon to claim it did sound slightly admire Terry Funk as effectively I used to be considering it used to be Terry and a combination to mix Terry Terry Jack yeah um nonetheless then he.

Talked about Mike after the tonight we're no longer going to fetch a hotel we're going to include at an Amish bread and breakfast I said [__] an so if Amish are folks that create no longer dwell in the 21st century they thunder horse and Buggies no electrical energy they include it weak school and he went to claim an Amish bread and breakfast bed and.

Breakfast so I declined and I beg Taz and Paulie and dreamer if I’d trot relief with them to Philly because I used to be no longer staying with cactus nonetheless that used to be Leonard Cohen so so admire and to Cactus admire that [__] he would thunder when he turned into on me when he went heel atmosphere up our our singles match we had right here’s the [__] he.

Would thunder in promos to chat about why he turned into on me so he turned into on me for Leonard Cohen he turned into on me for leaving Doritos on his entrance seat because when I he would drop me off at my condo because I wasn't utilizing he would drive drop me in my condo I would leave a fetch and I forget uh candy chili.

Doritos they’ve now they were Taco Bell Doritos relief then and I leave the fetch on his entrance seat so by the level he left my condo obtained relief to his condo he had eaten all the fetch of Doritos Mikey I ate that whole fetch I said why I couldn't lend a hand it so he turned into to me said that I would leave the Doritos and it wasn't beautiful.

Because he had an spicy dysfunction and real miniature [__] admire that admire it real staunch lifestyles stuff that he would real take up these promos to construct it real seem entirely absurd why he turned into on me how lengthy sooner than you started working with Mick Cactus sooner than you were suggested right here’s what's going to occur I don't.

Know the draw admire fleshed out all the Feud used to be going to be nonetheless I point out used to be it admire cruise by the seat of your pants for the time being or used to be it effectively I don't you've nodded at me then so it's real you flip up to the ECW Area used to be admire right here’s what you're doing this week for basically the most piece so I knew we were building two a match with cactus effectively.

Even when I teamed with cactus they suggested me that night time oh you're changing Terry Funk real shut shut the [__] up admire there's no [__] draw that's gonna work admire please I would raze me if I got right here out changing Terry Funk nonetheless that used to be factual as effectively you in point of fact because Terry did Terry admire double book and didn't flip up or why did Terry no longer exhibit I I.

Don't I don't endure in mind the legend nonetheless it used to be the night time of the EC the NWA match and it used to be speculated to be Cactus and Terry towards the Public Enemy and Terry wasn't coming and so they made up our minds I don't know who they are if it used to be Paul Le or Cactus or Todd Gordon or whoever it used to be said that the one individual that would change Terry.

Funk that they wouldn't [__] on would possibly perchance well be me I feel they in the initiating they design 911 nonetheless I don't order they they were form of admire H yeah they picked me and it [__] labored I don't know how or why because I would include [__] all over the set if I used to be man in the entrance row I would include I would were.

Pissed um nonetheless yeah so I knew when Cactus signed with WWE I don't know when he used to be ending up I feel he suggested me admire March I feel he suggested me nonetheless he said Mikey we obtained we obtained to fetch this singles match in because I believed he used to be gonna create a component with dreamer I believed that used to be gonna walk after which create the blow with dreamer and he's.

Love no no the bl's obtained to be with you said okay after which so I form of knew two three months forward of time that it used to be going to be me and him nonetheless I had until then I in point of fact had no admire I didn't know what we were doing month to month I I real knew that come March I used to be G to battle Cactus I didn't know main up to it what used to be going to occur until.

Veritably that day and how lengthy sooner than and did you realize that meanie and Stevie Richards would possibly perchance be the two to bounce Cactus out of the building that night time when it took set oh we by no draw even suggested you I used to be so pissed I used to be so P I used to be admire no I don't need no it ought to be me admire effectively [__] why I'm admire ah I used to be pissed I I used to be I used to be upset no I need the happy.

Reunion Mikey and cactus cactus gives me the huge the huge uh AOK sendoff after which that used to be it nonetheless then it form of obtained dispute suitable real order used to be it for the interval of the in point of fact dispute nonetheless used to be it for the interval of this Feud the set you grew to turn into or you real relate me the set the transition used to be from you getting no invent defensive moves in to then being.

A wrestler admire every other give and take and real B in general struggling with admire every other wrestler would form of used to be with Cactus my first staunch match the set I used to be admire from facet to facet I feel I did one thing with Chad Austin I feel nonetheless that used to be the [__] rly shits nonetheless my first in point of fact high-profile.

Element doing staunch competitive match used to be with Jason Jason Knight because he used to be doing the supervisor gimmick how create you admire my swimsuit and he used to be instrumental in helping me I set a weblog publish about this too um the set he would give me advice and this and we had our first singles match um he he gave me [__] admire he supplied for me admire I.

Had guys admire um that real wouldn't create the relaxation admire they didn't are looking to they wouldn't create the relaxation with me admire let's set it that draw and nonetheless Jason would work with me and he would create regardless of and he would bump and he would real conly give me advice so I can't thank him enough for a intention practical he used to be firstly nonetheless it used to be that match.

With Jason the set I started doing stuff after which I feel it used to be the next month or two or two months later I started doing stuff with Cactus and the mighty I used to be with Cactus I started doing extra and extra stuff because we create heaps of double personnel stuff after which real I birth up to fetch extra gay and real studying from.

Him uh you realize after which guys would in point of fact be keen to admire create stuff with me admire I'd soundless be in general fetch beat up nonetheless they let me fetch some [__] in just okay we're real going to beat Mikey up for five minutes after which be finished with it because then guys admire um uh de maleno got right here in and Ben Juan I.

Did a pair designate personnel suits with them with cactus one designate personnel suits with Norman Smiley towards Ben Juan maleno Ben on Mango that used to be a weekend I obtained two concussions relief toback nights dreadful [__] dreadful would you ever fetch them diagnosed relief in the day or would you real.

Know there's no white flash room spinning what the [__] is going on okay and you real said I obtained a bell rung subsequent yeah we nonetheless the first night time I took a Energy Bomb it used to be in Fortress laale I took a Energy Bomb from benois and my head need to include bounced off the M four cases it it used to be energy.

Love yeah um after which the next night time they picked me up Chris picked me up for a energy bomb and maleno got right here off the center rope with a reverse bulldog and he misplaced my head and real squashed my face out I endure in mind coming to a Ben Juan in the locker room going hey you okay you okay you okay I'm.

Love [__] is going on how many how many in your profession create you imagine you obtained least 14 that I can I I in point of fact include it written down somewhere I went by draw of and in point of fact form of design okay Yep right here’s one right here’s one this I obtained a concussion my first my first match towards Mr Hughes and it wasn't even him it used to be my.

Contain fault Curtis used to be [__] unbelievable gentle as a feather didn't in point of fact feel a [__] component he suits over he [__] fingers me out of the ring and my left foot hit the center rope in present an explanation for a replace of flying out of the ring and form of rotating to my feet after which rolling I real form of went whoop after which real form of admire a muppet real form of.

Plop face first suitable on my head known how tough were the ECW Rings or did it real depend upon the building you were in firstly we had an weak WWE ring suitable which used to be which it used to be it used to be stiff it used to be it used to be stiff after which we obtained the.

One who Ted Petty owned and that one used to be stiffish it wasn't you realize wasn't large wasn't dreadful nonetheless that final one who they had the one we obtained made oh my God it used to be [__] unbelievable that used to be a [__] bumping ring that used to be an weak uh I used to be an weak Tennessee ring the first after which we obtained.

A brand new one made with the right same specs and that component used to be admire oh used to be admire a [__] pillow it used to be unbelievable I endure in mind the weak heaps of sounds as effectively yeah we cheated that that used to be a loud one yeah that weak Memphis ring used to be loud nonetheless we had the we had the the wrestling mat down the pad down and.

Then we would coat we would set a layer of carpet padding on top so No longer only used to be it a pleasant soar to it slightly tender that in point of fact no person would in point of fact scrutinize nonetheless in case you in case you hit it it wasn't that arduous admire okay it's a admire a wrestling mat nonetheless had that miniature bit of ah so it used to be it used to be nice fetch depraved on that that one include you ever ever been in a.

Ring the set it's admire so so bouncy or obtained admire too mighty give to it that it form of impacts your knees after some time Optimistic Optimistic somewhere in CA somewhere in Canada it used to be real twoo I used to be working at some level of and the fellow did a drop down and went to come up and when he went to come up I went to drop below for a Soar Frog and when he when he jumped all the component went admire.

This and my knee real crimson trot the relaxation or real my my knee is my suitable knee is so [__] there's no ACL in it there's admire it wants my suitable knee desires to get replaced nonetheless I real won't fetch it finished so I real take care of it as lengthy as I don't must Pivot if I can real trot.

Straight I'm gorgeous if I in point of fact must flip or the relaxation admire this it's hideous news it's silly because I did my ACL in in 2020 I had the operation for it this previous April man it's gradual going because I've obtained a sit down down job basically right here’s my job oh and yeah it's if if I used to be up on it the whole time strengthening it up it' be one component nonetheless um man it's gradual going the.

Rehab I feel it's about 10 months out now and I ju Excellent to confirm it I real did a itsy-bitsy bit of a walk and I soundless can't walk admire that effectively at all on it yeah yeah yeah so admire I fabricate no longer include any ACL admire they went in and so they’ll't even get it I used to be real admire because they’ll occur form of it will shred on the ends you realize the set you've snapped it and it.

Can practically walk admire a split hair form of component after which they’ll't in point of fact reattach it and right here’s going relief presumably 25 years so there's admire it's real long gone entirely by this level we frail to it now I'm frail to it that's Doctor admire the difficulty is the cartilage and the true the.

Grinding you realize the the steadiness of my knee is no longer there nonetheless I'm admire I'm so frail to it at this level grinding is what hurts ah so I hear in the uh in the times we're going to create a recreation name Association so it's a straightforward one I'm going to present you um a sentence a description you relate me the first name that comes to your mind would possibly perchance well well.

Be DCW WCW would possibly perchance well well very effectively be anywh you've ever wrestled and this one is and you would possibly perchance well well presumably't say yourself the funniest person in the locker room Bobby henan that used to be a slam dun then need it uh I point out yeah I point out that's that's straightforward final man standing on the bar spicy appealing I I in point of fact must present an explanation for these.

Days oh uh presumably s man that ought to were a slam dunk as effectively in point of fact um okay greatest bully I don't question that very generally anymore nonetheless would anyone qualify below that bully um for me.

In my idea bully would were uh rocking riot I feel he's silly now nonetheless he used to be he used to be he used to be no longer nice to me admire he used to be real he treated me admire [__] it real used to be real form of a jerk no longer too you realize later later on after I used to be extra established and he used to be attempting.

To come relief relief or I'd gape him on Indies he used to be [__] nice as pie nonetheless on the very initiating man he [__] he gave me a tough time him and Mike Graham Mike Graham didn't admire me both for some honest oh used to be he uh WCW yeah so he used to be agencing soundless on the time wasn't he yeah I don't know why i' admire I by no draw met him sooner than that he real used to be.

Love a dick so I'm admire okay regardless of has include we ever discovered anyone who Mike graah liked who paid him yeah I wager whoever paid him nonetheless I I don't know he would possibly perchance well well need been a pleasant man nonetheless he used to be that nice to me we'll uh I'm no longer speaking [__] referring to the fellow he.

Excellent he real didn't admire me smelliest wrestler I've I've obtained a decide that I know what name's going to come relief right here smell as wrestler uh Cactus head his moments um who else smell as wrestler who you who who what name used to be popping in your head BS oh yeah yeah effectively that's factual I.

Didn't I didn't in point of fact knew balls effectively nonetheless I by no draw in point of fact did mighty with him to in point of fact in point of fact scrutinize nonetheless yeah he used to be a dirty man most awful remark you discovered yourself in in in a wrestling sense at Le so I don't know in case you realize admire crowd riots or one thing admire.

That crowd Riot effectively they work a pair with the Dudley that were it used to be intense there used to be one at a National Guard Armory the set the uh National Guard were in point of fact hitting the the weapons closet um admire oh no longer real that's when Tracy's.

Moms used to be Shadow Boxing with a canine used to be he in his Tower on the time he real obtained theer out the shower preserve my glimpse and he used to be come on canine threatening the police canine that used to be a hideous one uh additionally the uh the warfare with new Jack and dances with Dudley.

Adalo that used to be a a loopy on the relief of the scenes incident t with my head by draw of a glass window that used to be enjoyable include you ever uh include you ever ever brought on presumably no longer fan Riot nonetheless include you ever ever honest admire a fan to take a gape at and fetch you in a technique or one other one thing took set at one level with bamb bam Bigalow the set he had.

Thrown me out of the ring admire he did with Spike into the crowd after which I don't know if fan hit me or kicked me after which I obtained up and I punched him after which bammer used to be there in admire three seconds admire real in case since you realize the followers walk you pick on one fan nonetheless there's you realize 1500 of.

Them real real in case so I did at one level when I hit the fan bam used to be available in the market and the locker room used to be available in the market within admire 30 seconds it used to be [__] nice to hunt for that all people had my relief um yeah I don't know why I real so I I real obtained [__] pissed that this man hit me or kicked me or whatever the [__] took set and I don't even know if I hit.

The utter man that's the one piece were you exhibit for the interval of the XPW Invasion yes I used to be out in the avenue I used to be out in the avenue it used to be [__] ridiculous and I didn't know if it used to be legit no longer legit admire what the [__] admire is this are we all getting labored or what the [__] is nonetheless we went available in the market.

And we were [__] struggling with admire and I two things I will by no draw forget I will by no draw forget two guys were beating on somebody I don't know who they were beating on nonetheless I real endure in mind large S working at some level of acoss the avenue and real giving them Huge King Kong Bundy avalanch performs towards F the set they.

Excellent they real collapsed after which after they were all leaving of their autos Allie seek for at me and goes Mikey I feel I real broke my hand nonetheless yeah it used to be uh attention-grabbing I feel the one I obtained to a warfare I I don't even know why the one other one I've heard of used to be presumably the the warfare in a bar over the avenue the set.

The Tammy brought on nonetheless I don't know in case you're in time I don't endure in mind that one presumably you're in time in point of fact presumably I didn't in point of fact walk out mighty you realize I would walk to admire the hotel bar and that used to be it I didn't in point of fact walk to I didn't walk to strip clubs I didn't walk any of that [__] so I used to be.

Mostly a a hotel certain person subsequent is most Reckless person in the ring who would real you realize lay it in potatoes Sam in yeah okay Sam in so some distance as Reckless goes yeah nonetheless nonetheless nonetheless when I work him in WCW straightforward and gentle-weight as a feather said you obtained to be [__] kidding me I said he what walk it's a.

Numerous set kid I walk I wager so did he no longer drink to the sooner than the suits in WCW then nope in point of fact I don't order they would include let him presumably or if he used to be doing it it used to be nowhere intention in the extra it used to be ECW any individual wrote on a earlier web page that I can't get any extra um I feel they would well include given the date of admire.

October 1995 and Sam man had dropped a guard rail on you and he wanted this person wanted to understand in case you remembered that um no longer specifically he dropped [__] everything on me let's be suitable I he I endure in mind he there used to be one level the set he picked up a guard rail and he admire mushed me.

In opposition to the ring with a guardrail after which I used to be I used to be so pissed I real took it and I it used to be soundless linked I feel I took I real [__] swung it relief at him as [__] Jesus nonetheless yeah I endure in mind him squishing me towards the ring with a guard rail I endure in mind that [__] ruin admire hell with ECW did he um at some level of the years did he.

Progressively drink extra sooner than the suits because the years rolled on uh I feel at one effectively at one level you hit extreme mths you realize nonetheless I feel uh I feel it's quite mighty it it it maintained it quite mighty yeah he brought in his large blue cooler with beer.

And vodka and you kind orange juice so you even kale yeah yeah I don't order obtained greater obtained worse it form of real used to be it used to be what it used to be uh nicest person in wrestling perhaps even too nice to be in the commercial.

Nicest person in wrestling heart is extremely nice um actus is extremely nice guys are very nice I gape cactus cactus presumably nicest man in the commercial most high derive admire edgy worried that form of component.

Stevie Richards used to be Good enough High derive relief in the day very very worried no longer admire a hideous draw real ansy on edge on edge there heaps of guys that were on edge due to the a definite white powder that would construct them edgy going to names on that one yeah for Me Stevie used to be very oh you realize you realize.

Who else no you realize who would possibly perchance well well very effectively be [__] on edge [__] Guido miniature Guido he Guido I admire Guido nonetheless he will likely be the craziest man I've ever met and I've met some loopy [__] folks nonetheless Guido is I would say Guido is presumably basically the most high derive general naturally real a high derive person.

Guido I feel we only include an example why the craziest you realize I don't even know admire real tough to exhibit admire he okay we were we were in Montreal and we were utilizing relief to Toronto and it used to be Jeri um Kenny Decker used to be in the auto I feel.

His brother used to be in the auto hideous would possibly perchance well well need anyway we're utilizing relief for this [__] shitty drive with to Jerry and and and Guido wanted a beer so we stopped and obtained beer and we had been up since I 7 in the morning and quido had been spicy I feel since 7 in the morning and had had cease for.

Beer and he needed to piss come on guys I obtained piss I gotta piss guys come on so we cease and piss after which come on I obtained to piss guys admire okay F so he's spicy all the [__] time and he's asking me all these [__] outlandish random [__] questions admire we don't real [__] sit down again out admire I don't know when we're going to be fetch off there I'm no longer.

From [__] Montreal I'm no longer [__] from Toronto I fabricate no longer include any design we're gonna fetch there ah come on Mike admire you will must include an design real [__] because the driver and real reply about when are we gonna fetch there how we gonna fetch there then he's asking me Mike is there gonna be a bar when we fetch there so quido we're gonna fetch there admire 5:00 am admire.

I don't order there's going to be a bar open ah there's obtained to be a bar open come on lend a hand me out enable you to out he discovered one son of a [__] he discovered a bar that used to be open at admire 5: in the morning and he used to be pissed at me because I wouldn't walk spicy with him I real are looking to head to bed admire come.

On it' be gorgeous I don't know when he sleeps it doesn't sleep I don't [__] know nonetheless he’s he's erotic he's awesome nonetheless he's [__] having a gape available in the market I've heard that announcing it's 5:00 somewhere nonetheless I believed it used to be p.m. except for know the set 5 o' Guido it's 5 a somewhere and in case you would possibly perchance well well presumably very effectively be looking to.

Uncover the set real question Guido subsequent one is uh most in effort with the set of industrial so of the major promotions you've labored who would uh generally get themselves in effort with the increased usauh Sabu no longer no effort admire oh God he [__] up nonetheless as in.

Love Sabu would create what Sabu wanted to create and Sabu are looking to create one thing he wasn't doing it so I real endure in mind consistently listening to sabu's name so some distance as effort nonetheless no longer no longer no longer effort admire hideous effort nonetheless minor infractions uh licensed walk back and forth chums yeah uh Cactus um you couldn't listen to your.

Contain music with cactus that's factual that used to be only unfavorable large tales although large tales um Spike Dudley used to be real to walk back and forth with for some time I used to be traveling with glimpse I drove a Taz dreamer Paul E for some time that used to be real [__] details Central that those [__] card real.

Excellent asking questions admire you wouldn't imagine after which when we all lived in Original York it used to be uh Taz Bubba uh Perry Saturn John Kronos the eliminators and me that used to be a [__] energy I God uh right here’s nothing presumably connected.

To you at all nonetheless what create you imagine the worst gimmick or storyline in wrestling history used to be effectively you're you're overlaying heaps of ground right here yes I am I'll relate you what I I'll slim it down slightly the worst the worst gimmick ever Yeti used to be hideous the yeti or the ye I.

Bet Shani uh yeah the yeti used to be hideous [__] uh the goby goer used to be hideous um I real presumably stand on my own goby goer as a mascot wasn't hideous nonetheless the [__] originate to the com cooker made it in point of fact hideous critically when all people expected Le Luger um Santa Claus used to be the shits 's a Seas personality that it used to be.

Doubtlessly real for approximately three weeks yeah yeah uh what else used to be hideous there's heaps of hideous stuff man lot lot of hideous nonetheless so some distance as g walk although I Mikey R used to be a shits uh you don't must give the quantity in case you don't are looking to needless to claim a only single payoff for an tournament so one tournament what used to be your only payoff.

Um effectively I’d I’d say my WCW stuff because from from from a technically from a per tournament standpoint I made heaps of cash per match that used to be assured although as effectively so I'm presuming anyway yeah so all my WCW stuff used to be presumably basically the most single day payoff and.

All over again assured contract component nonetheless I the uh ECW one night time stand pay-per-seek for the first one used to be presumably the ultimate one uh let me include a gape basically the most proficient wrestler you ever ever work with most proficient ever [__] I point out it doesn't even can include to be your licensed it will real be yep the.

Most proficient man ever form of component um most talent I gape now there's there's heaps of how to hunt for at this we can seek for at proficient so some distance as creativity goes you then seek for proficient so some distance as physicality goes I I'll relate you what I'll I'll narrow down and smoothest.

The least bit times in the appropriate set continually L storm yeah L storm Jerry Jerry Lynn in case you’d like in case you're speaking tender landstorm fingers down the 2nd adopted shut a shut 2nd by Chris candido so some distance as being tender basically the most depressing wrestler in the locker room continually a eel the donkey.

Frown nothing cheered him up uh Taz had his moments for being a depressing depressing person U real offended the whole time um [__] I can't order his name now drawing a [__] blank what create he seek for admire I can't even admire it's let's real say.

Correct now Taz and if I come relief if I feel it I'll say oh that's the fellow used to be [__] cranky as [__] that's gorgeous worst abuser of spray town or miniature one oil Taz heav a smoker no longer no longer weed real typical cigarettes junk pronus conly smoking greatest Ladies folks Man.

Can't say yourself why be mendacity um wager is me Chris chedy used to be uh reasonably the Ladies folks Man relief in the day um any of the fellows in point of fact design they were the devil Jim Mitchell design he used to be a ladies.

Man he's obtained presumably cheddy he's obtained Danny doring those guys were yeah oh he does include the cring order uh I've obtained a few extra on this loudest predicament caller Sam I'd hear I'd hear him a mile away he after which yo yeah fetch the [__] ladder okay did you hear that over there.

Forting the L uh scariest bump you ever took effectively the scariest one I took used to be that Energy Bomb from Mike Awesome over the tip rope to the ground by draw of a tape real because I used to be backwards my God I don't admire this in point of fact ended up pissing blood for a week because I.

Bruised my kidney nonetheless the scariest one used to be my singles match with cactus I climbed to the very top of so in the ECW Area that they had that first that they had the that first stage which used to be presumably you realize three four feet off the ground after which that they had the 2nd stage the set the cruel cam used to be the music used to be everything up there and when GRS.

Had been leaping off that they' generally include a desk on the 2nd stage or they would include tables on you realize on the ground I real made up our minds for some [__] tiresome honest it would possibly perchance well in point of fact well be a real recommendation if I climb to the tip of the 2nd stage and did a Randy Savage axe take care of onto Cactus and I'm standing up there.

Going holy [__] I can't admire I can't admire oh my God admire right here’s no longer real admire I and I used to be up there and I couldn't fetch down and I used to be going to create the huge rainy Savage you realize the huge admire this and create the [__] jump I admire this and real [__] jumped that blew out my knee that [__] ruin admire hell you ever jump.

From in point of fact high and you you in point of fact feel your everything walk you fetch that outlandish admire yeah I I fetch it in The Shins It's admire you realize a shock absorber nonetheless it real admire all shocks into your shins in case you jump off one thing High I had it shins I felt admire going the whole draw up I believed I I said I feel I real killed myself I I feel I real shredded my.

[__] iners does does that depend because the worst ruin You' ever obtained as effectively or is that one thing else um no I used to be I point out I [__] up my knee nonetheless that I point out we obtained by draw of it it it it ruin admire hell on the time of affect nonetheless um worst one used to be presumably I did a uh.

A somersault dive on Lis boli and we were off in a technique and he form of went admire this and the relief of my knee smacked on the guard rail after which my head teed hit the ground and out I don't endure in mind the relaxation I endure in mind coming coming to in the ambulance with uh Tammy sit down used to be in there and this used to be.

1997 sunny when I looked up and she's above me in the ambulance and I real gape her face and this large white gentle on the relief of her I believed I used to be silly she goes are you okay okay okay the [__] going on that used to be that used to be [__] so okay right here's a [__] legend so they take.

Me by ambulance because I used to be out create the match in a technique in case you ever seek for it up it's a born to- be wired exhibit me versus Lis picoli worst create ever I give admire a half at Lou on this on the tip rope or the center rope and I form of give admire a large kick to his leg after which in a technique gave him a Frankenstein don't endure in mind the relaxation of it nonetheless come to in the.

Ambulance they take me into the [__] emergency room they fetch me a component and so they're going okay he's wide awake you realize vitals seem okay uh he's positively concussed um nonetheless we need to examine him for internal bleeding and I walk I'm admire I'm no longer bleeding I hit my head effectively they [__] turned into me over on my facet nick my [__] clothes off after which stick.

[__] one thing in my ass they walk he's no longer bleeding I walk I am now I am now and I and I seek for real seek for over and there's Sunny having a gape at me I'm going I am [__] I'm highly concussed I real obtained one thing stuck up my ass involuntarily and I'm having a gape over and there's hot sunny from 1997 I'm going oh my God how nice to meet.

You [__] dreadful so then we I fetch relief to the field and so they were atmosphere up the uh the barb wire for Terry Funk and Sabu and I'm strolling around the ring trying to search out my hat admire I real walked out real trot out trying to search out my hat because Paulie called me to the studio and he goes I are looking to head seek for glimpse this and he goes what are.

You doing he goes you trying to search out your hat they sent security out to come relief fetch me he said come on my hat my hat why the [__] I be trying to search out my hat at ringside I don't know did it construct it onto the tape I don't order so a nonetheless I would include left it Mikey's real [__] shot real lights around nonetheless no person's dwelling real.

Wandering around ringside trying to search out a hat that would possibly perchance no longer include existed create you realize what I point out there's obtained to be somewhere in the archives in WWE any individual must get that as a blooper that's obtained that's obtained to be an all time are looking to positioned on they’ve it in the event that they’ve it I don't know admire what I don't I don't know what piece of the uncooked foes.

They in point of fact all include yeah uh a few extra of these worst driver W there's chedy Chris ched or effectively yeah so some distance as folks would know Chris chedy greatest river um effectively Kurt Henning from my journey real real.

From what I've heard uh Kurt Henning Bam Bam would rib on occasion nonetheless from what I Kurt Henny from what I've heard the ultimate rib him and Owen um nonetheless me for my piece real seeing things that I presumably can't focus on about is bam bam oh uh can't focus on about effectively that that real provides to the Intrigue now no.

Presumably in the future we'll must I'll show yeah yeah is there some form of statue of limitation that wanted to walk out first of of 25 plus years effectively I used to be form of eager without being eager so that's sound admire I [__] sto it off so presumably in the future I'll I'll uh we'll attach that for piece two we'll set it that draw we'll.

Set it aside for piece two uh piece two two extra most legit tough badass uh Rick Seer yeah or effectively folks folks I've I've handled no longer basically obviously me Haku is clearly bigest [__] badass um nonetheless um yeah per sat used to be a badass um dilapidated Navy.

Ranger badass I point out he obtained shot he obtained shot in the face and soundless fought folks off so yeah Saturn I'd say is a [__] quite badass positively uh final one is most memorable on the relief of the scenes warfare new Jack and adalo dances with Dudley Jim thorb Pennsylvania the Flagstaff the mecca of.

[__] so one thing took set the set ad Doo dances with Dudley went to present Jack a relief suplex on the ground or one thing took set on the ground that Jack didn't admire he design Al used to be shooting on him so Jack suits over I wager Jack comes relief to the curtain and he's hanging on the relief of real real on the relief of the scenes and.

He's on his form of knees he's obtained admire one leg up and he's form of admire I believed he's admire blown up suitable and he's hanging ad Doo comes by draw of the curtain and Jack [__] whacks him with a [__] nightclub suitable to the [__] face or the head Doo for some honest some [__] he ought to be a [__] badass too.

Used to be so wide awake and so they birth up struggling with so now there's a large [__] large Pull Apart in the locker room so they [__] damage him up [__] you [__] you this that every one this other [__] after which for some honest Taz and new Jack birth up arguing form of coming into into it so I form of fetch Taz and now I know when any individual's coming into into.

A warfare and you're doing a pull apart and it's legitimate warfare you don't rob the palms because on the least they’ll if one thing happens they’ll protect themselves suitable so I had Taz form of one hand around his his waist seeking to on job Mikey brother fetch the [__] he took my head and real and real pushed it.

This draw and my head went backwards by draw of a plate glass window and I seek for and I walk oh and I real gape the [__] admire the deck of this flag step used to be admire on a [__] mountain and I real endure in mind going admire this having a gape over and going oh [__] and having a gape down and seeing the Lehigh Valley River down beneath and I'm about.

Plummet to my loss of life backwards yeah so fortunately I didn't fortunately my relief stopped it and that component didn't tumble down nonetheless uh yeah the relief of my head used to be all split admire thanks T what used to be the original distress between Jack and dances order real a suplex real I know.

If there used to be other [__] I I don't know if there's there's a backstory to it nonetheless regardless of took set one thing took set for the interval of the match that Jack didn’t admire he design ad DOA used to be shooting on him and real so I'd figured there used to be one thing extra buildup you realize Clash of personalities sooner than that that took set.

Excellent it would possibly perchance well in point of fact well real order there you you would possibly perchance well well presumably order there needed to be nonetheless you by no draw you by no draw know of um what we've obtained left haer or hiler or higgler or nonetheless he spells his name I'd esteem to listen to uh Mikey focus on about his WCW debut with Kidman they tore it up after which Mikey used to be buried it gave the impression did they rob the exhibit and upset the folks.

What's up yeah Virgil what Virgil Virgil bitched yeah so we had had the batch we fetch about 10 heaps of finishes uh Mikey you're up alongside with your create what is your create stunner okay you're up alongside with your create uh then Jimmy har comes over Kidman you're up alongside with your create then Arn Anderson comes over Mikey you're up with.

Your create then Mike Graham comes over hey you're up alongside with your create comes over hey you're up alongside with your completed so I said to Kim I said what the [__] will we create he goes regardless of we hear Closing so dusty got right here over said M other your create 15 minutes I said okay so at that level I'm going in the hiding I don't need anybody else chatting with me I don't need.

To F uh after which somebody got right here over and Kim's up with a create God rattling it okay so we had the match and uh Dusty suggested me Mikey real create your stuff he said it's it's uncensored in case you would possibly perchance well well presumably very effectively be looking to fetch slightly hardcore nonetheless no longer loopy hardcore stuff on the ground walk for it regardless of you would possibly perchance well well presumably very effectively be looking to create I said.

Okay so we had the match it went in point of fact in point of fact effectively um and the match after us used to be Stevie Ray versus Virgil warfare for the NWO dim and white um I wager that that high-profile match that all people wanted to hunt for used to be overshadowed by scintillating match up there yeah.

Yeah so yeah so I heard that Virgil complained um that we did too mighty and that used to be the discontinuance they took the belt off kibben the next night time and set it on Ray and that used to be quite mighty the discontinuance of me and I used to be real admire oh okay you then g to battle Scotty Riggs for no honest at Spring Stampede okay cool you then're going to head hide for some time and you'll.

Accomplish a pair Saturday night time suits after which oh randomly right here's a [__] match on Tell with you Brian novs hack these guys a hardcore match okay cool oh now you're gonna battle Van Hammer on the Immense American bash for completely no honest in anyway how used to be Van Hammer to work let's gape at this stage of his.

Occupation so then I wrestled with the silly legend j i i i i endure in mind having a gape on the board and seeing because they added me again La any time when I used to be booked on a pay-per-seek for it used to be final [__] minute they called me admire two days sooner than at any time when and I'm having a gape on the board between Van Hammer and Mikey Van Hammer.

Up and I'm reasonable on the board admire oh [__] admire what give me somebody give me hoovie give me somebody Ray give me somebody I’d work with or one thing admire I'm admire H okay and Bobby Heenan is standing subsequent to me and he goes what are you she Dick I walk Van Hammer and Van Hammer looks at me and goes Mikey you're gonna gape I'm no longer as.

Poor as they say I am and Bobby Heenan without missing me goes you're suitable he's worse that real wasn't real admire I wasn't in a hideous mood that night time admire I real wasn't into it I feel I slipped off the tip rope one level and admire I real [__] killed myself admire [__].

That is [__] hideous embarrassing as [__] I endure in mind having a gape at Bobby and Bobby's real admire admire yeah [__] me no longer enjoyable except for Bob of the whole WCW large names your Goldbergs or your Scott Steiners or your Kevin nashes who were the fellows who had time for you and who were the fellows who uh.

Acted admire large stars effectively I can relate you one Kurt Henning I sooner than my match with Kidman I supplied myself to Kurt because I'm admire holy [__] Kurt hening admire this [__] large and shook my hand entirely blew me off admire yeah okay I.

Excellent walked away admire effectively that sucked [__] Mr Ideal real [__] blew me off [__] large um nonetheless then I met Bobby and mother's admire Oh [__] large Bobby yeah [__] unbelievable he used to be that used to be a [__] large introduction to somebody suitable um after which after the match with.

Kidman Kurt hening comes up and goes Kurt hening it's a pleasure to meet you I'm admire oh Kurt I met you sooner than he goes no no no he goes that didn't depend he goes I real design you one other shitthe head they brought in right here has no design what the [__] he's doing he goes you would possibly perchance well well presumably work welcome aboard and he shook my.

Hand so I'm admire preserve so now I'm on [__] Cloud9 admire Bobby Heenan is [__] unbelievable had a large match with Kidman Kurt Henny real suggested me I’d work admire I'm [__] right here’s [__] large after which I obtained buried after which did nothing then Evan courageous won the cruiserweight title [__] yep that tells you what.

What I I needed to work so hideous relief then admire I real wanted to work and when I went relief to ECW I suggested Paulie I walk Paul I real are looking to work admire admire I I my physique enjoyed getting paid to sit down dwelling admire my physique felt large um nonetheless I real I needed to work relate me now if I’d pay and fetch paid to create nothing I would [__] esteem it admire I.

Saw the interview did with Barry daro the set he said oh I went to WCW and Eric be aware me and I labored admire as soon as every two months I'm going yes it used to be [__] unbelievable nonetheless I wasn't at that level in my profession I used to be admire okay we're doing that I needed to basically work he even obtained greater for him at one level I point out they made him golfer Mr.

Hole in a single so he would possibly perchance well well raise his golf clubs with him in every single set ideally suited oh we're we're in Florida large yeah I'm gonna question you I'm gonna question you effectively they were basing Atlanta weren't they so I've don't know the set austa is in compared with admire my American geography create in there I'm going to impeach you one extra presumably too.

If it's uh if it's if it's very uh short reply uh nonetheless this fell Chris says Hello in point of fact is his name can you please focus on referring to the time that James Mitchell or the Tainted Minister as he used to be called in ECW blew off his finger when he used to be screwing around with the component that shot Fireballs after his what are you grateful for.

Promo okay so he had this miniature component it used to be a copper tube a pipe with uh a button and I used to be admire a 9volt battery and magicians frail it you would possibly perchance well well presumably take an eighth of a sheet of flash paper Crump it up stick it in there after which in case you hit the button it would possibly perchance well in point of fact well shoot a fireball out he says to me ah Mikey.

Gonna construct a Chic gimmick I said okay so now he takes a whole no longer an eighth of a sheet a whole sheet of flash paper and he’s crumpling up and he's seeking to fetch it in this miniature [__] copper tube there's no draw right here’s going to confirm he goes into his fetch grabs a [__] toothbrush and starts [__] jamming it the [__] in there effectively as he's jaming in.

There he didn't take the battery out and he hit the [__] button so in general he made a pipe bomb bam this [__] component goes he goes a and he goes admire this grabs his hand and looks down and there's this gap in his hand and his fingers and real blood is admire popping out and pouring we walk.

Working to the john in the sink and we're now we're working his hand below the water to form of certain the blood he's maintaining it and there's a huge [__] gap in his hand and his fingers are all [__] up and his fingers admire this and my head I real hear admire for this batt this concussion bomb that real went off and we're.

Standing there and announcing and he's maintaining his wrist admire this and he's sitting there Sam man comes and goes yo that's large gota thunder this on a [__] promo in the interim his fingers [__] blown the [__] bits and we're standing there admire oh my God and he real stops he looks at me and he goes ah Mikey you seem to include slightly of.

My fingers hanging from the bridge of your nostril and I seek for in the replicate and there's blood is all over the set there admire there admire skin bits all over the set my face and I'm real admire oh Jesus admire P fiction when that they shot Marvin in the face the kid in the relief seat yeah and his head real explodes towards the [__] windshield of the relief window.

That's what admire my face looked admire I'm admire oh my God so now I'm admire seeking to neat my face off he's over right here bleeding admire this and as you stand there he goes ah and he looks down and he pulls his jacket away he had on a dim shirt and you would possibly perchance well well presumably gape the set his dim shirt looked moist suitable he rips his shirt open and you real gape this this gap in in.

Love his belly no longer a huge gap nonetheless it used to be admire enough to be quite gruesome having a gape and he goes and he [__] collapses right into a chair it used to be what the [__] so what took set used to be it it it gave the impression admire it used to be admire a movie the set the the miniature one face makes the huge comeback saves the field.

It's all over the set he looks down and he's [__] morally wounded that's what it seek for admire and so he admire practically passes out he's sitting in a chair they take him away in the [__] ambulance now siriri and I are freaked the [__] out because he used to be going to construct this [__] component after which for the interval of our entrance he's going to shoot it between.

Me and tier's head so it used to be a me to Jerry's head or his hand so I'm guessing Okay nonetheless I'm admire effectively that would were [__] hideous on dwell TV nonetheless endure in mind I name him after the after the pay-per-seek for match I called him up I said hey how you doing create you.

Want the relaxation goes ah yes explain me a beer and a Burger King Cup because they won't let me include beer so he wanted me to explain him beer in a Burger King cup so he would possibly perchance well well soundless drink beer Paulie goes how is walk he's gonna be gorgeous nonetheless he used to be in the clinical institution a pair days he he used to be long gone some time I'd esteem to interview him he won't create an interview.

With me I've spoke to him and he won't and I don't know why and he watches and he won't create it I don't know there you walk come on James Mitchell come on create an interview with me real sooner than I enable you to head when we create the plugs uh he's [__] awesome he's an implausible [__] man I know that's why I in point of fact are looking to focus on over with him.

However there you walk we can't power him I wager uh real very very swiftly uh heaps of oldsters requested this Matt Berg specifically what quantity of cash does Paul Heyman soundless owe you um plenty nonetheless I say this without Paul Heyman I would fabricate no longer include any care keran wrestling at all so even though yes technically ECW owes me.

Money I in point of fact include my whole profession to thank due to the him so name I I name us squaresville name us even I you don't are looking to present the quantity nonetheless are we speaking four figures five figures or six uh five five figes on that exhibit thanks so mighty for joining me it has been a pleasure and I and I would no longer say that.

If it didn't point out it I guarantee you uh real sooner than I enable you to head uh create you would possibly perchance well well presumably very effectively be looking to hit me with the plugs again we've obtained woo games obtained Hive we've obtained your socials the relaxation else you would possibly perchance well well presumably order no I don't in point of fact I don't in point of fact push mighty I don't in point of fact construct many I'll be at russle con for the uh wo recreation guys I'll be there Perry Saturn and Raven and Sabu.

And all them guys Terry Reynolds Sunny Ono um nonetheless yeah I don't in point of fact create mighty else at this level I in point of fact include some things coming up uh I'm doing an I'm doing a loss of life match with Danny damono WrestleMania weekend for icw that ought to be attention-grabbing to claim the least so they play effectively then positively oh yeah I.

Don't know what to impeach I point out I know what to impeach nonetheless I don't know what to impeach um nonetheless yeah that's that's in point of fact quite mighty it admire woo recreation woo. recreation examine it out admire I said if in case you're attracted to online gaming and things admire that positively examine it out and uh the Discord folks are very keen to lend a hand.

And decide it out so if I can decide it out anybody can decide out in point of fact there you walk then so I'm gonna shut this very swiftly thanks very mighty for looking at we'll derive you again subsequent time woo games over again and the whole other hyperlinks shall be in this video and each video that I create it'll be very straightforward and thanks Mikey for enter.

So mighty that's suitable
That is the awesome prowrestler ever%sentence_ending

Mikey Whipwreck Shoot Interview (2024) | WSI ninety 9🎤

Mikey Whipwreck Shoot Interview (2024) | WSI ninety 9🎤