Mike Rotunda Is Fine With WWE Release, Happy To Spend More Time At Home

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Mike Rotunda Is Fine With WWE Release, Happy To Spend More Time At Home

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Mike Rotunda has served as a WWE road agent for some time now, but was one of the many staff members who were released by the company in April. Despite the move, Rotunda says he’s not mad about the move.

Speaking during a guest appearance on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, Rotunda said that since he’s been gone, he got to spend more time with his family. “Well, I got furloughed in the middle of April along with a number of other people so, it’s been quite some time and didn’t look like it was gonna open back up,” he said (transcriptions via Post Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson). “I kind of prepared myself for it, but I wasn’t exactly sure what was gonna happen, which I’m fine with it. Like you said, I had a long run there, I’m 62-years old and to be honest with you, it was harder and harder to do all the traveling and keep that pace. It definitely helps being a little younger when you’re trying to keep the pace that you’d have to working for WWE.”

Rotunda went on to say that while it was fun being out on the road, it’s even nicer being home, especially now that he gets to see his wife and grandchildren more. “So I definitely put a lot of time in on the road and it’s kinda nice being home. My wife and I have been married, it’ll be 36 years in October and all but three years of that, I’ve been on the road so I mean, that’s a long time and I’m actually enjoying to be home more and be around my wife and see my grand kids some more and get a chance to go fishing more so, which I like to do living here Florida. That’s my go-to, my relaxation so it’s given me an opportunity to do more, to me something that’s important to do and it’s fun for me.”

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