Mike Quackenbush On Allegations: ‘I Know I Said Ignorant Things In My Past’

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Mike Quackenbush On Allegations: ‘I Know I Said Ignorant Things In My Past’

Photo: Mike Quackenbush

Mike Quackenbush, who earlier this week closed Chikara amidst various allegations brought forth by the #SpeakingOut movement, has issued an emotional 15-minute statement on his YouTube channel addressing each accusation in turn. In the video, Mike takes responsibility for not just his actions but those of the individuals under his tutelage inside Chikara.

To bring the openness and honesty this required, a series of tweets or Notes app posts will not suffice. My full statement lives here: https://t.co/2KzndMZVTZ

— Mike Quackenbush (@MikeQuackenbush) June 27, 2020

Mike apologizes to everyone who’s come forward, specifically admitting that he’s been bad at keeping up social ties with past contacts and that he’s said ignorant statements in the past. His strongest denial comes for accusations of bragging about sexual conquests, as he says that his sex life has always been a private matter. He ends the statement with a call to listen to all those participating in #speakingout so that the healing can begin.

Wrestlers such as Hallowicked, Joshua Wells, Count King Worldstar, and Kimber Lee cut ties with Chikara as the allegations surfaced early in the week. Quackenbush later shut down the promotion and resigned as head trainer of the adjoining Wrestle Factory school.

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