Mike Bennett Says OGK Will Right A Wrong, Bring Things Full Circle With ROH Tag Title Win

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Mike Bennett Says OGK Will Right A Wrong, Bring Things Full Circle With ROH Tag Title Win

mike bennett

Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

Mike Bennett hopes OGK can set things right with a tag team title win this weekend on Ring Of Honor television.

Mike Bennett recently spoke with WrestleZone ahead of his World Tag Team Championship opportunity on this week’s episode of ROH TV. Bennett will team with OGK partner Matt Taven against The Foundation’s Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams for the titles, and he spoke about his excitement for the bout.

“I feel good, I’m very excited about this match. I have so much respect for Rhett [Titus] just because of how long he’s been in Ring of Honor, but Tracy [Williams] is someone I’ve always wanted to get in the ring with, so I think that part of this match is the part I’m looking forward to the most besides the fact that we get to go [compete] for the tag titles, which we lost five years ago,” Bennett said. “I’m super pumped for this match.”

During a recent promo for the match, OGK spoke about re-writing their story in ROH and picking up where they left off. Bennett left the company after a tag title loss, and he said now that the feud with The Righteous is out of the way, he can focus on a match he’s been dying to have since returning to the company last year.

“Like you said, I came back and was instantly thrown into like this blood feud of Taven and Vincent and The Righteous. I said to Taven, ‘I’d love to get in the ring just one time where someone’s not trying to kill me or shank me or break my ankle, and just have one of those matches that we used to have.’ Like, let’s run it back like we used to, have [a match like] back in 2014 and 2015 where we could just go all out, go balls to the wall. Because that’s what The Kingdom was about,” Bennett explained, “the matches with the Briscoes, the matches with the Young Bucks or the Bullet Club. That’s when I feel like we were at our best. And I came back, you help your friend out with what he’s going through with Vincent, but to put that all behind you and have this, it’s like this is what we were looking for.

“And like I said earlier, to be in there with Rhett, who I have so much respect for, and then to get in there with someone with Tracy, who I’ve never been in there with, it’s exciting. I think it’s one of those matches that me and Taven have been itching to have and really want to have, and now we finally have that opportunity. And you throw into the mix the fact that it’s for the tag titles,” Bennett noted, “which we kind of feel like we can kind of bring this story full circle by winning those titles where I left right after we lost them, and Taven got hurt so he kind of went on the shelf. And it kind of feels like you’re righting a wrong. So you throw all that in and this match is really personal and it has a lot of personal meaning to me, which I think is cool and I think the fans will be able to tell.”

The OGK vs. The Foundation title match premieres on Ring Of Honor TV this week; stay tuned for our full interview with Mike Bennett next week!

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